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Francisville elects a Chamber of Deputies at national level, and local councils at regional level. Francisville is a democratic representative democracy, with universal suffrage protected by the constitution. Elections in Francisville are considered free, fair and democratic.

Legislative elections

The national legislature of Francisville is the unicameral Chamber of Deputies (Francillian: Kammer vum Dëputéieren, French: Chambre des Députés).

Members of the Chamber, know as deputies, are elected annually by a process of single transferable voting. The chamber contains one deputy for every five citizens, plus one additional deputy.


According to the constitution, to be eligible to vote one must:

  • Be a Francillian citizen
  • Retain full political rights. These may be removed as a criminal punishment.

Furthermore, the constitution state that the head of state is forbidden from standing for election and protects additional liberties such as the right for an individual to chose whether they wish to stand by their own free will.

Last election

The last election was held in May 2009; the first election in Francisville's history. Two political parties, the center right Francisville National Democratic party, and the social liberal Francillian National Liberal Party, stood in the election, each gaining one seat. The remaining two deputies were elected as independents.

Local elections

If meeting adequate population levels, local communities may form local councils to run regional affairs. Local councils constitutionally consist of five members elected by the plurality at large system. Members of these councils, known as local deputies, also meet together at an inter-communitarian forum known as the Chamber of Councillors.

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