Eleytherian Shilling

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The Eleytherian Shilling is the currency of the Empire of Eleytheria. A design for banknotes is currently in the making. The abbreviation is ELYS.


The Shilling is pinned to the formula:

\text{ELYS} = x \to e

x = y \div 15

y = 5c \to d + 5p \to d + 5e \to p


  • c = Swiss Franc
  • d = US Dollar
  • e = Euro
  • p = British Pounds

Thus we divide this by 15:

(5 CHF in USD
5 GBP in USD
5 EUR in GBP)

And whatever value we get is the value of the Shilling in Euros.

So, for 12:14, June 6, 2010 (UTC), according to Google this would be:

y = 4.303665 + 7.2275 + 4.13905223 \!

\therefore y = 15.67021723

x = 15.67021723 \div 15

\therefore x = 1.04468114867

\therefore \text{ELYS} = 1.04468114867 \text{ EUR}

\And \text{ELYS} = 1.25006546 \text{ USD}

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