Emardia is a micronation located in the borough of Ville-Emard in Montreal, Canada. Its official religion is Bosconism. The micronation is located in front of one of the two main churches in the borough.


Emardia was founded on June 2nd, 2017. It was founded by Louis-Phillipe Lortie II, a proud Ville-Emardian. Lortie was the founder of Bosconism, a branch of Christianity.

Lortie was appointed Êveque (bishop) of Emardia by his people, for no one wished to run against him. It is his job to appoint a successor when he dies or retires.


The official religion of Emardia is Bosconism. They believe that the Holy Trinity was missing one element, the Holy Ghost, until God chose St. John Bosco, to be the Holy Ghost, and to complete the Holy Trinity.

Emardians believe that God contacted Bosco and told him to open a portal into the Realm of Manna (or The Realm, for short). With the Gift of God, Bosco opened a portal into The Realm. There, he found many grassy hills, each with a small pile of manna on top. Manna is a wafer-like food that rained down from heaven in Exodus 16. Bosco gathered manna, and he went back to his world, and he gave the manna to the townspeople.

Bosco later returned to the Realm and received commandments from God, who sat on a throne with Jesus in front of the Grandma-Pa Tree, the tree of knowledge from Eden. Bosco returned to his world again, only to return to the Realm a few years later, when he died. The Realm is the afterlife for Bosconists. There, Bosco became the Holy Ghost, and sat with God and Jesus on the throne in front of the Grandma-Pa Tree, the tree of knowledge.

These stories come from the Third Testament, one of the sacred texts of Bosconism

Capital City

The capital city of Emardia is St. Bosco. It is named after St. John Bosco. Emardians sometimes pray to St. John Bosco for luck.

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