Emiel S. Hardy
King Emiel Royal Mongram.png
Emiel Hardy

Current king of the Kingdom of Mahuset

Kyng Fourth of Empyre of Slin
Preceded by André Volfym

Born Mahuset
Political party Eniak Party
Religion Atheist
Signature E. Hardy

Emiel Sebastiaan Hardy is a politician and king of Mahuset since 2012, and Kyng Fourth of Slin since August 2014. He first knew micronations on Wikipedia and searched on the internet how to make one. He would then establish the Kingdom of Ihuset, getting the name from his claim (his house), as well as from the Norwegian word for house (huset). In June 2012, the micronation merged with neighbour Dutch micronation Matsia to form Mahuset, which made Emiel king of the new nation and Matthies Kersbergen of Matsia as prime minister, until Nuri van Dijk replaced him.

In Slin, after Kyng Thyrd's resignatio in 2014, it was eventually discovered that the votes in the royal election had made Emiel Hardy the next Kyng of the nation.

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