Emir Raheem of Huzuristan
1st Emir of Huzuristan
Reign 2009-2011
Coronation 2009 (date unknown)
Investiture 2009
Full name Raheem al-Asad bin Mohammed bin Usama bin Abdul bin Aleem bin Haidar
Huzuri Rhim a-asad bn Mohammed bn Osma bn Abdl bin Alm bin Idr
Titles Honorary Council Member of Trechcapcove, 2nd class
Born 23/6/1990
Birthplace Lancaster, Enlgland
Predecessor None
Successor Emir Bilal
Consort Fahima
Consort to Fahima
Royal House Al-Asad
Dynasty Al-Asad
Royal anthem Al-Fatiha
Royal motto Allahuakbar
Father Mohammed al-Asad
Mother Shakira Sami
Religious beliefs Sunni Islam

Raheem al-Asad bin Mohammed bin Usama bin Abdul bin Aleem bin Haidar (Rhim a-Asad bn Mohammed bn Osma bin Abdl bn Alm bin Idr in Huzuri), also known as Raheem al-Asad, or simply Raheem, was Emir of Huzuristan from its foundation in 2009 until his abdication in 2011.

Born in 1990 to Jordanian immigrants Mohammed al-Asad and Shakira Sami, Raheem was raised in Lancaster, England. He went to school there, and met micronationalists Alexei Orlov and Aleksandr Babayev. Throughout his education, micronationalism was an occasional pastime instead of a full-on hobby, and he had to abandon micronationalism altogether when he left for university.

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