Emperor of Unironia
Emperor of Unironia Coat of Arms 2015 (PNG)
Royal Coat of Arms of Unironia
William I

Style: His Imperial and Royal Majesty
Heir apparent: Delaney, Princess Imperial
First monarch: William I
Formation: 2012
Emperors standard 2

official Emperor`s Standard

The Emperor of Unironia is the center of the Governmental and Feudal instiutitions of the Unironic Empire which are one in the same. The Emperor is also the Absolute Head of State answering to no other official or body.


On June 21, 2012 the Unironic Empire was procliamed. The King of Monoea would now also be known as the "Emperor of Unironia". until September 19, 2012 the Monarchy was a semi-constitutional one with the Emperor answering only to a council of a council of military and civic officals (a relic from the Republic of Monoea), when the decree that gave the Emperor absolute power (Imperial Decree II) most people apporved the decree including Consul Zachary Sparks, because of a clause in the degree that gave him a decree of power. This was the case until that November when a group of formerly privileged ex-aristocrats, now only minor representitives in the Imperial Assembly (a body for advisory purposes) attemted to stage a revolt, but failed when the national guard defeated the peasants they had behind them. Time went on the legitimacy of the Monarchy remained unchallenged until a attack on the Reigning Emperor`s legitimacy in January 2013 the Pretender to the throne of Griffon took over a Unironic State and led his army to the gates of the Palace in Crizopolis with King Steven the Pigfaced "Steven, King of the Griffonians" at the helm trying to Become Emperor threw a military coup but with help from the 1st Imperial Guard and Pro-William Milita defeated King Steven`s army and sent him into exile. After King Steven was exiled, the people of Griffon (a Region of the former Archduchy of Crizial) bestowed the title "King of the Griffonians" upon the Emperor.  

Starting in March 2013 the Emperor began to doubt in the trustworthiness of the Consul, Zachary Sparks, because when it was found that many aristocrats around the Imperial court are talking of a possible coup attempt from the Consul, and only after the investigation of the Consul`s financial affairs it was discovered that he was using the military budget for personal matters, he was dismissed by the Emperor.

In April the Emperor formed a new advisory positon the "President of the Council of State" along with a new advisory body "Council of State of Unironia" also known as the "Secretariat" a council made up of ministers such as the Secretary of Foreign Relations, Secretary of the Economy, Secretary of the Military. Powers were further divided in to subsidiaries such as a subsidiary of the Secretary of the Economy would be the Minister of Printing and Minting who would be in charge of creating Unironia`s money. A subsidiary for the Secretary of the Military would be the Minister of the Navy who is in charge of naval operations and main military commander in the navy

In November 2013 the Council of State was dissolved in its place a single hereditary advisor that has to be from a Unironic noble family, The Chancellor of Unironia`s Duties are to advise and assist the Emperor in day to day activities such as diplomacy, decrees, and changes to law.

By 2015 little had changed sine the time of the ratification of the Imperial charter except for Imperial powers to control dynasties outside his own and, the right to change the line of succsession.

Proper addressing of the heir

Only if the 1st in line for the throne is the Sovereign`s eldest son shall their title be "King of Crizopolis". If the 1st in line for the throne is not the Sovereign`s eldest son, as it is now their title shall be Prince/Princess Imperial


Some Unironics label the Emperor a tyrant, a few even want to do away with the monarchy all together they are a very small in number


Nobles such as The Former Chancellor of Unironia, Nathan McNamara, 1st Baron of Namerton stated that "The Monarchy is essential to civilized life without it we are animals" this was said in response to a communist party being created within Unironia

In 2015 when the issue of constitutionalism was brought to the attention of the Chancellor he remarked "I do not believe we should transform Unironia into a republic. What Unironia deserves is a strong stable monarchy."

Other Imperial Realms

The Emperor is also head of state in all Unironic Colonies, and Dominions. in Dominons his title is "Emperor in Right of (Area)"

List of Succession

  • HR&IH Delaney, Princess Imperial
  • HHH Abigail
  • HHH Jacob, Prince of Balsamville
  • HIH Elizabeth, Princess of the Unironic Empire
  • HDH Nathan, Baron of Scrchio
  • HHH Hannah of Polkburg
  • HHH Morgan of Polkburg

Full Title of the Emperor (in Unironia)

Imperial Styles of
William I, Emperor of Unironia, King of Monoea
Imperial Monogram William I small
Reference style His Imperial and Royal Majesty
Spoken style Your Imperial Majesty
Alternative style Sire

By The Grace of God His Imperial and Royal Majesty Emperor of Unironia, and of His Dominions and Colonies Adjacent and Beyond The Sea, Protector of all Unironics, Heir to the Caesars, Conquering Dragon of the Tribes of Unironia, King of Monoea, King of Istoria,Grand Master of the Golden Dragon, Grand Master of the Military Order of Ku`Garu, Knight of The Rose Order, Grand Duke in Imvrassia, King of the Griffonians and the Robites, Grand Duke of Dominition, and Baron of Crizopolis

Crown Jewels

The Emperor is also the sole owner of the Imperial Crown Jewels this collection is made up of the Crown of Saint Joseph, Sceptre of the hills, Sword of Justice, Sovereign Orb, and the Kubukian Jewel