Empire of Doomania

"Intellect and effort"
"The Place"
Florida, United States
Capital city Doom city
Largest city Doom city
Official language(s) English/German
Official religion(s) All
Demonym Dooman
Government Empire
- Emperor Calvin Stow
- General General
Legislature Book of laws
Established 2014
Area claimed 0.093km²
Population 8
Currency Doom dollar
Time zone Fusion
National sport Ice hockey
National animal Ram
Patron saint St. Patrick
Internet Domain .Ocean
This nation is a member of no organization

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The Empire of Doomania, or Doomania for short, was founded on April 25th , 2014 and is currently ruled by Emperor Calvin Stow.


The name comes from the word doom because it spells doom for it's enemies.


The Empire was founded when Calvin was thinking about ruling the world and searched "how to start your own country". He learned the definition of a micronation and with 6 others they declared themselves independent. Calvin beat all others in physical combat. The loser of the final became the Duke , Simon Case who also became the Ambassador during the elections. The head of Science and Technology was Diego Rivera and the supreme general Eric Vega. The final election for Prime Minister was won by Auron Norton . Hunter Auten ,who ran for all positions but lost all . He began the Auten insurgency which is still at war with Doomania.

Government & Politics

Most positions are won through elections except for Emperor and Duke. The Emperor is the founder and the Duke is chosen by the Emperor . When the Emperor dies or Abdicates his throne the Duke takes over .

Law & Order

The police force is still in development but is not needed because out of the small population there are no criminals.

Foreign Relations

Doomania is still new and has no foreign relations although it is at war with the Auten insurgency which is developing into a micronation itself and Doomania is trying to stop that.


The military has 3 branches, Army, Navy, and Air force. The Army has 2 soldiers and is in the process of training more. Equipment is wooden batons and metal pipes . Ranged weapons are not used outside training but will soon by skirmishers.

Geography & Climate

The only territory is the imperial residence , Brocland [Doby Elementary school] and 4747 . All of which have very animal like communities .


There are no shipping because of few foreign relations and the currency is the Doomanian dollar.


The language is English and German in the future . The citizens are highly educated and inspired the motto .


There is no Media because the newness of the nation but there will be in the near future .

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