Empire of Heronia
Heronia Flag.png


Motto of Heronia
Anthem of Heronia
North America
Capital city Tba
Official language(s) English
Demonym Heronian
Government Monarchy
- Emperor X
Established 2015
Population tba
Currency tba

The Empire of Heronia is a micronation started by Emperor X. Currently, the nation owns 2 forms of territory. The first, and the most active, are 3 small colonies of land landlocked inside the US state of Virginia. The second and the most recent, are four moons in outer space.

History Edit

The Empire of Heronia was a new country project created by EmperorX. The website was established on in 2014 where the main goverment and land is run. The land of Heronia has 3: Heronia State (The Capital) The First Colony of Intronia (or Intronia for short) and SmashVille.


The goverment of Heronia is an Imperial Democracy, this nation is the first instance of this form of goverment being used. The constitution on the website states that there are 2 leaders who lead the country. One is the Emperor (who is the official leader and serves a lifetime term, unless he/she is overthrown with a 75% vote) and the President (who is elected after his/her term is over). The third major official is the Royal Advisor. The Emperor and the President work together to create laws. In the event that the President disagrees with the Emperor (or vice versa), the royal advisor will create a comprimise and satisfy both parties.


The main currency in Heronia is the Ring (also known as the Heronian Ring or HR). This currency is based on land (50 rings per 0.010 square acres). To gain rings one must annex at least 0.001 square acres or have money transferred from another citizen or a goverment official.

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