Empire of Kleinebayern

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The Empire of Kleinebayern is a micronation located in the United States of America.


Kleinebayern's etymology comes from the German language and can be translated into English as either Small Bavaria, Little Bavaria, or the accepted translation: Lesser Bavaria.

Kleinebayernische Territories

Name: Flag: Notes:
Entrance Arch EntranceArchNew The capital of Kleinebayern and the former Sierra.
East Sierra West Sierra Located inside of Louisiana,this is the grassiest region.
Friedrichstadt Friedrichburg A military territory with no residents.
Neue Brittania Neue Brittania A territory located inside of the Akebar Region inside of the United Kingdom.

Kleinebayernische Colonies

Name: Flag: Notes:
Sierralische Antarktische Kolonie Sierran Antarctic Colony SAC This is the coldest area in Kleinebayern. It's name hasn't changed from the transition between Sierra and Kleinebayern.

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