Empire of Los Angeles
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We are one
If We Hold on Together
Empire of Los Angeles Map
Southern California
Capital city Arleta
Official language(s) English(de facto)
Official religion(s) Freedom of Religion
Demonym Los Angelesian
Government Constitutional Monarchy
- Monarch Queen Sandra "Sandy" Lee Sky
- Executive Officer Prince Anthony Mendoza
- Grand Admiral Vacant
Legislature Imperial Congress
Established May 15, 2012
Disestablished December 15, 2014
Currency Los Angelesian Dollar
Time zone Pacific Standard Time
The Empire of Los Angeles is a member of the Henatan Commonwealth


The Empire of Los Angeles replaced the Kingdom of Rosettia and became a constituent country of The States of New Canada upon the dissolution of the Kingdom. The Empire of Los Angeles was established on May 15, 2012. As of January 12, 2013 the Empire is no longer a constiuent country of New Canada.


Constituent Country of New Canada

The Empire of Los Angeles is the sole successor state of the Kingdom of Rosettia when it was dissolved by the Rosettian Accords on the 15th of May 2012. On May 23, 2012 King Ronnie enacted Executive Order 2 which dissovled the Imperial Army and claimed that the Empire shall remain neutral in all armed conficts unless attacked first. On the 22 of November 2012 the Imperial Congress met in a joint session behind closed doors and unanimously voted to enact the first amendment of the New Canadian Constitution and closed its borders to New Canada. On the 10 of December the Imperial Congress voted to disestablish the Assembly and rename the Council the Imperial Congress. On the 17 of December 2012 the Imperial Congress voted to end the meditative solitude that the Empire was in.

Independent Nation

After being a constituent country of New Canada since its formation the Imperial Congress voted to declare independence on the urging of King Mendoza and the Crown Princess Sky. Independence was secured by only a close vote of the Imperial Congress. The Emire of Los Angeles after declaring independence from the States of New Canada isolated itself from the rest of the world and remained that way for a perod of time. After four months of isolation the Empire finally ended its isolation when it formally opened diplomatic relations with the Huro-Atlantica. The Empire later joined the Arcadian League, its first membership in a union since it declared independence from the States of New Canada. On the 18 September 2014 the Empire applied for admittance to the Henatan Commonwealth and was accepted on 15 October 2014. HH King Ronnie J. Mendoza on the 1 December 2014 after only a little over two and a half years on the throne announced his abdication of the throne. An easy and smooth transistion than occured as the Crown passed from HH King Mendoza to HH Queen Sandra "Sandy" Lee Sky. HH Queen Sky, after a session behind closed doors on December 10, 2014 with the ExO, Hand of the King, Princess Tiffany Mendoza, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and Representative of the Imperial Congress agreed to dissolve the Empire of Los Angeles effective on December 15, 2014.


The government of the empire is set up in the Imperial Charter as a constitutional monarchy. Although the Empire is a constitutional monarchy the Monarch still plays a major role in the government. The Government is split into five branches the Head of State, Head of Government, the Commander-in-Chief, the Legislature, and the Judicial.

Head of State

The Head of State shall be from the Mendoza Royal Family. The office of the Monarch shall have the power to declare martial law, sign or veto laws, appoint the Grand Admiral, declare a state of emergency, and has other powers delegated to the office by the Legislature. The Monarch is the Civilian Commander-in-Chief.

Small Council

Advises the Monarch on important matters. The Councillors are appointed by the Monarch and approved by the Imperial Congress. The Small Council shall include the Hand of the King, Lord Commander, Master of Coin, Master of Whispers, Master of Ships, Master of Laws.

Head of Government

The Head of Government shall be an ExO (Executive Officer) nominated by the Small Council, appointed by the Monarch and approved by the Imperial Congress. The office of the ExO shall have the power to sign and veto laws, appoint a General Ministry to run various departments, nominate Justice of the Supreme Court of Justice and the Grand Admiral.

General Ministry

The Ministers of the General Ministry is appointed by the ExO, nominated by the Monarch and approved by the Imperial Congress. The General Ministry shall be made oup of the Department of State, Department of Internal Affairs, Department of the Treasury, Office of the Trade Representative, Department of Defense, Department of Transportation, Department of Education, Representative for the Imperial Congress, and the Department of Justice.

Grand Admiral

The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Empire of Los Angeles shall be a Grand Admiral appointed by the Monarch, nominated by the ExO,and approved by the Small Council. The Grand Admiral shall handle the day-to-day functions of the Military, but the Monarch is still the Civilian Commander-in-Chief. The Grand Admiral is also subordinate to the Monarch.

Imperial Congress

The Imperial Congress is the legislature of the Empire of Los Angeles. It has the power lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts, excises; borrow money on the credit of the Empire; regulate commerce with foreign nations and among the Sectors; establish an uniform rule for Naturalization; as well as establish roads.

Supreme Court of Justice

The Supreme Court of Justice shall have 12 membersnominated by the Monarch, appointed by the Council,approved by the Assembly. The Justices shall serve for life or until they step down. The Supreme Court of Justice shall be presided and ran by a Chief Justice that is nominated by the ExO, appointed by the Monarch, approved by the Supreme Court of Justice.

Administrative Divisions

The Empire of Los Angeles is an administrative division of the States of New Canada. The Empire of Los Angles is divided up into smaller administrative divisions as follows from highest to lowest: 1. Sector, 2. Subsector, 3. Neighborhood.


Sectors are the highest level of administration under the Empire of Los Angeles it is equivalent to a state and province.


Subsectors of the Empire work very much like counties within the United States.


Neighborhoods despite its name the Neighborhoods as administrative divisions in the Empire function much like cities in the United States.


The military of the Empire of Los Angeles was wiped away in the Monarchs Executive Order Two. It stated that the Grand Admiral office will remain filled but will have no military to oversee as well as other offices that relate to the military. Those offices will now oversee peace keeping officers instead of the military. The military can be restored if needed to.


This is a list of the State Holidays of the Empire of Los Angeles:

  • New Year's Day: January 1
  • Union Day: January 12
  • Queen's Day: February 18
  • ExO's Day: March 1
  • Independence Day: April 30
  • Founders Day: May 15
  • Crown Princess' Day: November 13
  • Thanksgiving: November 28
  • Chanukah: Varies year to year
  • Grand Admrial's Day: December 10
  • Christmas Eve: December 24
  • Christmas Day: December 25
  • Kwanza: December 26-28
  • New Year's Eve: December 31

Foreign Relations

Diplomatic Relations

Fomer Relations

  • New flag ElefthfriaSecond Elefthian Empire (Lost Contact)
  • WiliesflagGlenn-James Republic (Lost Contact. Belived to have collapsed)
    • Former Relations may be restored upon contact until than all relations with these countries have ceased.**


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