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Empire of Orange
Orange Flag (v1.5) (Darker)Orange Coat of Arms (v1.75)

Et Vide Quid Accidit (Watch and see what happens)
May Freedom Last Forever
Capital city Madera
Largest city Talan
Official language(s) English, Spanish, Italian, French, Welsh
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym Orangian
Government Empire
Established April 19th, 2014
Area claimed 1-5 km
Population 42
Currency Orangian Dollar
Time zone (UTC-6:00) Central Standard Time (Chicago)

The Empire of Orange is a micronation located in Illinois, United States, and has territorial claims in England and Fanning Island. It was declared on April 19th, 2014 by Emperor Duncan I. It currently maintains a population of 42 including territories and has 61 people with citizenship, 19 of which do not reside in the Empire. The Empires Goal is to create a Utopia where everyone is free and treated equally.


The name "Orange" was the original name for our micronation.

Provinces and Territories

  • Madera (United States) (Province)
  • Moroboro (England) (Province)
  • Bryceland (England) (Province)
  • Cameronia (England) (Province)
  • British Leased Territory (England) (Leased Territory) (Temporary Seat of Government until 2017)

Colonies and Protectorates of Orange

  • South Fanning (Location: Fanning Island, Provinces: Nova Collis, Talan, Laaras, and Independence Town) (Formerly under UCS and Keigen sovereignty) (Colonial Protectorate)
  • Orangian Pacifious (Union of the Mugamaville, Sarivand, and Slagrovia colonies) (Colonial Protectorate)
  • Duncania (Maria Atoll) (Territory offered by the Cockatiel Empire) (Colonial Protectorate)
  • Knox Atoll

Territory formerly under Fledish Sovereignty

Currently None.


It is not exactly remembered when the Republic of Colina was proposed, but it is thought to have been proposed in February 2014. At that point the Republic was known as the Democracy of Orange. It was then known as Aliquam, then Auriaco, then Aurica, and then Morro. Unlike the other names, Morro stuck for a long time and then became a Principality and then became a Republic. However, one day in April, the Republic of Morro, which was then known as Morrovalia and later Morrocolina, was dissolved by President Di Legno. He then created the Republic of Colina. The Republic of Colina was dissolved later in April and became the Republic of Moroboro, and then Fresco. However, the Frescan Republic dissolved some time later in April more names were thought of. During this period, a friend of the President helped another friend create the Frambuesan Empire in response to the President's refusal to name the Republic "Frambuesa". The President responded by saying "Frambuesa will become a province of Colina". The Frambuesan Prime Minister responded by saying "Colina will become part of Frambuesa". The President responded by declaring war on Frambuesa. However, due to a lack of an army the war was never fought. Despite this, they were still friends and the Frambuesan Prime Minister is still a legal Colinian Citizen. On May 10th, 2014, President Gilmor of Austrar and President Di Legno had an agreement. President Gilmor ceded the land of Nova Collis (Then known as New Colina) to the Republic of Colina. On May 11th, 2014, Laaras, a former state of the UCS was ceded to Colina when the UCS surrendered its territory on the Fanning Island. The 3 members, President Anthony of the Cockatiel Empire, President Gilmor of the Austrar Islands, and President Di Legno of Colina were deciding who would annex the remaining territory. Colina annexed Laaras, Austrar annexed Kanja, and Cockatiel Empire annexed Jenkaja. On May 12, 2014 the Frambuesan Empire willingly surrenderred it's territory to the Republic of Colina. On May 28th, 2014, the Republic of Colina became the Empire of Colina, and later became known as the Colinian Empire. On August 27th, 2014, the Colinian Empire annexed Talan after the Republic of Keig ceded the territory to the Empire. On September 3rd, 2014, the Republic of Pacifious offered it's entire territory to the Colinian Empire, however annexation did not take place until September 5th, 2014. On September 5th, 2014, Independence Town on Fanning Island was claimed by Colina, due to the fact that no micronation laid a claim to it. On October 17th, 2014, Colina united most of it's Fanning Island claims into 2 colonies. South Fanning, and South-West Fanning. The Emperor declared that he had intentions of possibly uniting the South Fanning and South-West Fanning Colonies into a Constituent Country or Colonial Protectorate, similar to that of Pacifious. Later that day, the Emperor made a decision to turn it into a Colonial Protectorate. On October 19th, 2014, the Emperor legalized all Political Parties. On November 6th, the Colinian Empire changed its name to the Fiorilian Empire. On November 7th, the Emperor temporarily moved the seat of government to the British Leased Territory for 3 years. The reason being due to the Emperor's family moving to the United Kingdom for 3 years. On November 7th, due to what the Emperor considered an extremely tenuous hold on the Navarro Province, it was expelled from the Union back to the United States. On November 8th, the name was changed back to Colina. On November 16th, Colina was renamed Flodland. On November 22, Flodland was renamed Orange. On January 27th, the Emperor declared a national day of mourning due to the death of Colin Wyckoff. The Emperor also stated in an unrelated note that all members of terrorist groups will be declared enemies of the state.

Flag Meaning

The Flag is a reference to the town of Orange in France.

Coat Of Arms Meaning

The Coat of Arms is a reference to the French town of Orange and the German town of Nassau.

National Anthem Lyrics

In these common lands

There lies a small nation named Orange

Built upon Freedom, Righteousness, and Justice

To escape from Tyranny and Totalitarianism

May Freedom Last Forever!

O’ Orange

Land of Opportunity

Free from Corruption

In the night, the corporates come to take our rights

They think they can buy our country

They will never buy out our land

May Freedom Last Forever!

The terrorists enter our country

To slit the throats of our people

They think of themselves as heroes

They will pay dearly for their villainy

May Freedom Last Forever!

When the enemies come to attack, we will defend ourselves

Our Rights

Our Freedom

Our Independence

To let our flag wave!

May Freedom Last Forever!


  • National Food: Orange
  • National Drink: Tea
  • National Animal: Coyote
  • National Sport: Soccer
  • Religion: Secular


  • National Bird: House Sparrow (Passer Domesticus)
  • National Flower: Tiger Lily (Lilium Superbum)
  • National Food: Orange
  • National Animal: Coyote (Canis Latrans)
  • National Tree: Red Maple (Acer Rubrum)

National Holidays

  • Hillsborough Memorial Day - April 15th
  • Declaration Day - April 19th
  • Nova Collis Annexation Day - May 10th
  • Empire of Flodland Day - May 28th
  • Nikola Tesla Day - July 10th
  • Boxing Day - December 26th
  • Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and other religious holidays.


  • Parliamentary System
  • Empire
  • Emperor: Duncan I
  • Prime Minister: India Norkphish
  • Every Province equals 10 seats in Parliament.
  • 9 out of 40 seats in Parliament are taken.

Political Parties

There are currently 2 political parties active in Orange.

Lux Ortaest is a Liberal Democratic Party supporting the continued autonomous status of several colonies and has it's own militia. The Emperor is a member of Lux Ortaest and is also the founder.

The Nordic Tribalist Party is a Anarcho-Syndicalist Party supporting the regression into a Utopian Tribal State. Only people who are 1/4 Nordic or with Strong Ties to a Germanic Country is allowed to become a member. The founder of the party is James Johnson.

Law and Order

Murder in the 1st Degree (Murder of an Average Person): 10 to 15 Years Imprisonment and $500 Colinian Dollar Fine.

Murder in the 2nd Degree (Murder of Law Enforcer, War Veteran, or Active Duty Soldier): 15 to 25 Years Imprisonment and $750 Colinian Dollar Fine.

Murder in the 3rd Degree (Murder of Politician or Minister): 25 to 35 Years Imprisonment and $1000 Colinian Dollar Fine.

Murder in the 4th Degree (Murder of President, Prime Minister, Vice President, or Secretary of State): Life Imprisonment or Death Penalty (Choice of Offender).

Treason: Life Imprisonment, Death, or Deportation (Choice of Offender).

Robbery: 5 to 25 Years Imprisonment depending on level of offense.

Corruption: Permanent Ban from Political Attendance.

Pickpocketing: 5 to 10 Years Imprisonment.

A civilian cannot own a gun that uses more than 18 bullets.


1. Freedom of Speech

2. Freedom of Assembly

3. The Right to Protest

4. The Right to Form a Militia

5. Freedom of the Press

6. The Right to Remain Anonymous

7. The Right to Vote

8. The Right to Privacy


A title is a name given to a person who has achieved something.

Travis/Tracy - Travis/Tracy is given to men/women who have traveled the country on foot, or have visited 2 different countries.

More Titles to be added.


The Empire has a small milita called Lux Ortaest meaning Latin for "Darkest Light". It has 2 members, one being the Emperor who is the General of the Militia.

Lux Ortaest currently supports the return of Hong Kong and Jamaica to British Rule.

There is a Mainland Fledish Infantry Regiment with only one member, being the Emperor, who is the General.

There is also a Fanning Island Infantry Regiment with no members.


The Empire currently has a form of currency, but it has no way of minting it. It accepts US Dollars and British Pound Sterlings. Currency Units are Dollars.


The Climate is not exactly known all over the Empire.


The Empire currently has no media, instead we watch US and UK Television.

Map of Orange

The Empire currently has no maps.


Due to the Empires size, tourism is not available.

Foreign Relations

The following are states recognized by Orange.

  • Unironic Empire
  • United City States
  • Huro-Atlantica
  • Secular States of Maison
  • Alenian Empire
  • Principality of Chitose
  • Spiffsville

The following states are recognized and allied with Orange.

  • SSRA Flag Regency of Acrea


  • Militarist Dictatorship of Oscat