Empire of Trihinia
Flag of Trihinia

Veni, vidi, vici

(I came, I saw, I conquered)


Marcha Real (Instrumental)

Capital City





None primarily, all religion allowed




Regency Council

Consists of Caesar Kyle and his brothers, will end when the nation ends hiatus

Area Claimed

Not Available


40 (Foreign: 5)*



Trihinist Denari

Time Zone


National Drink

Coca Cola


March 29th, 2016

Patron Saint

Saint George

The Empire of Trihinia is located in central Kentucky and was founded on 3/29/2016 by its current leader, Caesar Kyle, and his brothers. The population is ~40


The Early Republic

On March 29th, 2016, three brothers by the names of Kyle, Evan, and Ryan were theorizing about Micronations. They were brothers and were thinking of founding a Micronation. They quickly designed a flag, wrote a constitution, and proclaimed the Republic of Trihinia, with the oldest brother proclaiming himself Caesar. He soon expanded the nation to his neighbors or friends land.

To prevent corruption, the brothers wrote into their constitution a Senate and heavily checked the powers of the Caesar. In order to keep the senate orderly, the position of Consul was ordered by the Caesar to prevent the Senate from fracturing or getting disorderly. The first Consul was the Caesar's close friend, John.

On April 21st, 2016, the Caesar announced he has been getting educated in America. He is hoping to found schools in Trihinia soon. Also the Senate was temporarily put on hold as new immigrants were coming in and the elections had to be held. The Caesar also proclaimed that John the first, his Consul, would be serving an extra month, as his service was needed.

The Caesar later announced that the Senate would be recommissioned for elections April 22nd. This meant that the founders could either be re-elected or could retire. The Military was commissioned to protect the borders.

On April 25th the Senate was fully re-opened for elections and the Republic expanded to nearby homes and the cul-de-sac.

Finally, on April 29th, the one month anniversary of the Republic's founding occurred, with the ratification of the Hell March anthem by the Caesar and the Senators. The festivities would continue until 4/30 and continue into the weekend. Parades, playing of the anthem, and more occurred on the locations of Trihinist territory. Also during this time, the Caesar commissioned the Forth Caesarical Command: Activation of the Tyrant Squadron, the most elite of Trihinist soldiers.

The "Platinum" era

On 4/29, on the one month anniversary of Trihinia's founding, in talks with the nobility within Trihinia, Caesar Kyle proclaimed that Trihinia had entered a Platinum Era. It was prosperous, well funded, and had backing behind it in the form of a growing citizenship base.

Due to controversy from the Senate and the citizens asking for it, animal rights was finally granted on May 4th, 2016, giving all animals living within Trihinia citizenship. Though the Caesar stated they would not be voting, be able to achieve government, or serve in the military (unless a service dog) as they are animals.

Military Coup

On 9/27/16, the military staged a coup, with the majority of the army believing democracy had failed them. On September 1st, 26 days prior, the Trihinist Senate had passed a bill that limited military power. To much of the army high command, this was deemed unacceptable. Over the next 26 days the army secretly built itself up. Civil war began, with the Senate ordering the Tyrant Squadron to stop the revolting military. It lasted just a day, as many of the Tyrant Squadron turned on the Senate. Eventually Caesar Kyle began to support the Nationalists, and on September 28th, 2016, Caesar Kyle permanently dissolved the Senate in the Fifth Caesarical Command.

The creation of the Empire

Following the end of the military coup, the Caesar passed the Sixth Caesarical Command, dissolution of the Republic and formation of the Trihinist Empire. Mainland Trihinia and all its claimed territories were to now answer to their governers, and the governers to the Caesar.

Trihinia expands

On the 6 month anniversary of the founding of Trihinia, Caesar Kyle rallied more citizens and they also gained more territories. Their status as official provinces was up for debate, but the Caesar stated that as of October 3rd, 2016, they were to become official provinces. He gave the people this notice on September 30th, so that the Trihinian government and the citizens of these areas could prepare for this change.
IMG 0043

The flag outside the palace, planted to signify Trihinian Sovereignty of its territories.

Brief Hiatus

As of May 2017, Trihinia is on hiatus due to most of the military resigning and the government losing interest. The founder Caesar Kyle has confirmed it will return and the nation still runs, but as of now is on a Hiatus.

Imperial Government

On the 6th of November, 2016, Caesar Kyle rewrote the constitution. It was decided that the Caesar will be chosen every month by a council of 3 to 6 electors that he appoints to choose the new Caesar. A person cannot be Caesar twice in a row. The Caesar will choose his High Council, and they will keep their jobs as long as he is Caesar. Caesar Ryan was shortly elected afterwards.

Former Constitutional Government

Trihinia formerly had a two part government, each being called Folds. The Executive Fold was the Caesar and the Consul. The Consul voted on Senate decisions and propose bills, but is really there to keep the Senate orderly. The Consul served a month and the Caesar was in position for life. The Caesar was only allowed to veto laws and pass executive orders that the Senate may veto.

The Legislative Fold was the Senate, who proposed laws and veto the Caesar's executive orders. The Senate served a week, but this was likely to change as stated by Caesar Kyle. Senators were elected every Monday.

Following the military coup on 9/28/2016, the Trihinist government now had the Caesar in complete power. He soon reformed the government. Now, as of 11/6, the Caesar will choose his close Council of Electors. They, alongside the Secretary of State and the Field Marshall propose bills and the Caesar approves them.

Law and Order

Law Enforcement Forces

Now that the Civil War is won and the Tyrant Squadron permanently removed on 9/30/16, a regular Police force was activated. However, it was not just ordinary police, it was split into branches.

The branches are:

-Border patrol: Guarding the edges of Trihinia, specifically their largest border that leads out to a road, with the United States of America being on the other side.

-Squad Patrol Units: Standard police, they patrol the street and the capital, and find crime, then deal with it.

-Security Forces: Replacing the Tyrant Squadron as the bodyguard of the Caesar, they permanently remain in the Palace or wherever the Caesar is at the time.

Court system

The Empire runs its courts on the Caesar's discretion. He will assign a prosecution and a defense, and act as the Jury. He is unbiased. If any members of the trial are found as corrupt, they will be replaced.


Caesar: Caesar Ryan

Council of Electors: Caesar Kyle, Evan of Byzant, Caesar Ryan

Grand Prince of Byzant-Austratt: Caesar Kyle

Secretary of State: Evan of Byzant

Field Marshall of the Military: Caesar Kyle

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