Scallywagan flag

The empire's flag

[which language?]The empire of Bellum is an empire dedicated to war, alliances, and other such matters.


The First War

The assurge war is hoping to make Vladislavia a territory of the empire.[1]

Language & Culture

The scallywag empire began with English, but soon developed a dialect of bellian.

the official religion was circulism, the earliest form of the Islandcatism religion.


the empire is held together by a fair law.

if people want to debate, they just have to file one on the schedule. the debate can be advertised for free all over the nation.

after a debate, the time keeper fills out a debate form and records what side got the most votes.

the government will read the new law and file it, then tick the law file.


1 / 1
0 / 2
head of rights
0 / 1
rights council
0 / 10
regional government
1 / 3
Regional counsel
0 / 10
Infrastructure planner
1 / 1
infrastructure council
0 / 10
transport minister
0 / 1
transport council
1 / 1
military leader
1 / 1
1 / 100


you can apply for a role soon on the bellonia website



the current aircraft owned by the empire is 1 drone.

this is the only drone in bellonair


there is no maritime although it is necessary


human transport like walking and swimming is necessary to get around. to swim to australia from the empire you have to walk while the tide is low or swim across at late day.

New Era / attack of Ahurei

planning the war

Ahurei's attack has been planned, and the island town will be captured by the bellonian army.

if the town is occupied by bellonian forces, the army will have control of the entire Bass Islands. threats to invade more towns will force french Polynesia to recognize the new country. offers to fight alongside the army will also be an incentive.

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