Enlalic Shamanism is an ancient religion practiced by the Enlals in Zya-Vulturia. It is a animistic, pantheistic religion, meaning that its followers see any living thing or natural phenomenon as a god/goddess, and/or extension of God.


Followers of Enlalic Shamanism believe that every object (especially in nature) has a soul or energy to it. They also believe that the world around them, and its beauty, is a result of God's/The Goddess's presence in everything. They revere natural phenomenon as a god or goddess, like in Shintoism (the native religion of Japan), but unlike in Shintoism, they see all the deities as fragments or facets of one true God/Goddess.

Enlalic Shamanists are usually tolerant of all religions, because they believe that every single god in every religion is part of one being.


Most followers of Enlalic Shamanism don't worship in a church (unless they practice another religion in conjunction). They believe being outside and in the presence of nature is more spiritual than being inside and, in a way secluded from God/The Goddess. They usually spend time outdoors praying and/or meditating.

Enlalic Shamanism has drawn many ideas and practices from Buddhism. Followers encouraged to meditate and find out their own answers about themselves before asking for help from God.

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