Kingdom of Enrianza
Flag of Italy.png


Viva il Re!
Apulia, Italy
Capital city Enrianza Città
Largest city Enrianza Città
Official language(s) Italian
Official religion(s) Atheism
Short name Enrianza
Government Absolute monarchy
- Re - King Enrico I
Population 2
Currency Lira di Enrianza
Time zone +1
National sport No
National drink Water

The Kingdom of Enrianza (it: Regno di Enrianza) is a micronation in the south of Italy, in Apulia, near Bari. The Kingdom has two colonies. The population of the colonies is of two residents; the population of the motherland is of two reside1. The Kingdom has a partner micronation: Itance.

Impero coloniale
Great Enrish Colonial Empire

  • Colonia daniroom
    Enrish colony of Daniroom
  • Colonia aleroom
    Enrish colony of Aleroom

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