Kingdom of Eslarvia
Eslarvia flagEslarvia shield

For Eslarvia
Landlocked within UK
Capital city New Blackpool
Largest city New Blackpool
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) None specific
Short name Eslarvia
Demonym Eslav/Eslarvian/Eslarvic
Government Democracy
- King Jamie I
Legislature none
Established June 19, 2012
Area claimed 2 territories located within UK
Population 5 used to be around 40 until it was decided that people need to join the forum to become a citizen
Currency Champ (planned)
Time zone GMT
National dish Cake
National drink Cola
National animal Frog, Eagle and Dragon
Patron saint None

Official website Old forum

Eslarvia is a democratic web based micronation created by King Championy (King Jamie) on 19 June 2012. Eslarvia has its own award system called the Order of Jamie (OJ) award. Eslarvia has it's own forum where national discussions, elections and polls take place.


In mid 2012, Jamie found out about how Monaco started and was inspired to start his own country in the future. Later that year, the Jamie searched "how to start your own country" on google. He clicked on a page which mentioned the Principality of Sealand . He later went on the wikipedia page of sealand and later discovered the idea of "micronationalism". Possibly a month later, Jamie later discovered that Talossa had started with Robert Ben Madison's bedroom as it's territory and had later bought territory. He then decided to start a micronation of his own with his bedroom as his territory, as well as asking his friends to become citizens and later making a website and forum and researching how the Kingdom of Lovely started.

External LinksEdit

Official website

Official forum

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