Esperanto Federation

Esperanto flag
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"Mi estas ĉar ni estas." (Esperanto)
"I am because we are."
Esperanto Federation (green)
Official language(s) Esperanto
Demonym Esperantist
Government Federative socialist direct democracy
Established 28 May 2015
Area claimed 51km²
Population 15
Currency Euro
National animal Ichthyes

The Esperanto Federation is a federative socialist direct democratic micronation predominantly located in Europe.


Claimed Sovereignty

The Esperanto Federation was founded on 28 May 2015, as a successor of Technate. It claims a small spot between Sweden and Norway, and although none of it's citizens live in this claim, the government expects possible recognition by the two countries, as they are deemed in the Esperanto Federation to be two of the the most egalitarian and democratic countries in the United Nations.

Civil Code of Law

Esperanto Federation's laws are based on the civil laws of Sweden, with only minor changes to the Swedish laws. Due to Esperanto Federation not being fully sovereign or having full control of any territory, Esperanto Federation usually fails to enforce further punishment than banishment or temporary banishment.

Religious Laws

The Esperanto Federation's constitution recognises the freedom of religion for individuals, whereas theoretical schools are illegal in Esperanto Federation as it is considered "mass-brainwashing". No political parties may declare that it represents a form of religious belief, nor can religion intervene in politics in any way whatsoever. Esperanto Federation's laws of religion can be compared to Turkey or France's forms of secularism.

Freedom of Speech

Esperantists are guaranteed freedom of speech, and the government encourages all visions and viewpoints to be challenged. The government does, however, ban all terrorist groups and prohibit them from entering any territory administrated or claimed by the Esperanto Federation. DAESH, or ISIS, is banned and recognised as a terrorist group, however a reassuring ban specifically on the group began on 12 July 2015.

Banned Groups

Name Recognised ideology Reason
DAESH Islamic terrorism Excessive violence and extremist ideals
All terrorist groups Terrorism Excessive violence and extremist ideals
Westboro Baptist Church Terrorism
Primitive Baptism
Extremist ideals


Esperanto Federation is officially a federative socialist direct democracy. On 11 July 2015 political parties were banned, in which according to the government, was to promote free-thinking.



The Esperanto Federation is made up of two provinces.

Flag Name of Province Organised Capital Population
CapitolFlag Legislative Province 2 June 2015 NA 10
ColoraniaFlag Province of Colorania 2 June 2015 Redview 5


The Esperanto Federation bans all forms of firearms from being used within it's borders. The government believes weapons are unnecessary, and generally tries to solve conflicts and arguments with suggestions and votes.



In the Esperanto Federation freedom of religion/irreligion is an intrinsic constitutional right and anyone is allowed to choose to either follow a religion or choose not to if it is protected by law and registered as a legitimate religion (not including atheism, agnosticism, etcetera). The government recognises radical forms of all religions and does not condone them. Atheism/Agnosticism is not considered a religion due to it's lack of belief in any spirits or deities, however atheists/agnostics are given the same protections and rights as religious people.

Name Percent Protected ?
Atheism/Agnosticism 60% Yes
Christianity 27% Yes
Islam 13% No