European Confederation (EC) (pl.Konfederacja Europejska, tur.Avrupa Konfederasyonu) economic and political union of democratic European countries.

Was founded July 5, 2014,  by the "Treaty on European Confederation.

Member States

Name Date of joining
Państwo Braterskie

July 5, 2014

Republic of Hasanistan July 5, 2014
Republic of Akebar July 5, 2014

Character organization

Member States retain their sovereignty, whereby all countries are linked together.

The objectives of the Confederation

  • Develop international cooperation
  • Preventing War
  • Common politics


Państwo Braterskie agreed to take care of the budget,1/3 of their income.


There are 3 institutions:


Represents the citizens of the Member States.


It is equivalent to the Council of Minister.

The Court of Justice

Settles disputes.

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