Radical Party

Radical party
Party Name European Radical Party
Micronation(s) European Libertarian Confederation and Nordic Reich/Confederation
Leader James Black
Secretary Elizabeth Black
Treasurer Matt Black
Founded December 1st 2009
Headquarters Bishop Monkton
Youth Wing Radical Youth (10-12), Radical Students (13-15)
Members 36
Political Information
Political Ideology Progressive Liberalism, Liberal Anarchism, Anti-Militarism, Pacifism, Neutrality (For ELC), Anti-Nationalism, Social Democracy, Anti-Rascism, Anti-Fascism/Nazism, Anti-Monarchism, Animal Rights, Environmentalism, Anti-Totalitarianism, Civic/Liberal Nationalism, Left-Wing Nationalism
Political Position ELC Interpretation: Economic: Centre-Left, Social: LeftIntermicronational Interpretation: Economic: Centre, Social: Centre-Left
International Affilation(s) Liberal International
European Affilation(s) European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party
Current Status ELC: Legal, Nordic Reich: Illegal (Banned as an Illegal Organization)
Contact Details
Politics of the ELC.

The European Radical Party is curently the second most popular party in the European Libertarian Confederation after the Capitalist Party, on December the 2nd during the pre-independence emergency elections, it recieved 32.5% of the vote. It was formed by a coalition of Liberals, Liberal Anarchists and Anti-Fascists in response to the formation of the Far-Right Nordic National Party to stop them gaining any power due to the fact that the constitution says that one party can hold no more than 6 seats in the Federal Council. At the time there was only two parties - the Capitalist Party and the Nordic National Party. Since then the Communist Party and the Radical Party have been formed.


Due to its reactionary formation, the party represents a range of views with in the Confederation. These range from Progressive Liberalism to Liberal and even Hardcore Anarchism. The ideologies that are found throughout the diverse membership of the party are Anti-Rascism/Fascism/Nazism, Environmentalism and Animal Rights. A reasonable proportion of the party are Vegetarian/Vegan and all the others avoid factory farmed food, products tested on animals and fur products. The party is represented on the Federal Council by one Liberal-Anarchist and two Progressive Liberals.

Status in Nordic Reich

In the Nordic Reich the Radical Party is classified as an illegal organization as it has links to the Liberty Front.

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