European Union of Micronations

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European Union of Micronations (EUM)

The European Union micronation (Ger. Die Europäische Vereinigung der Mikronationen) is a proposal of confederation, which, after the model of the Eurasian Economic Union, the European Union and the African Union, suggested the president of the Czechoslovak Federal Republic František Otta-Šindelář.

This is an economic union only. It does not involve itself in militairy issues nor is it a military pact. It does not involve itself in political issues nor is it a political pact.

Convention on EUM

EUM to be created according to the following conventions:

  • The Convention on the Customs Union between the European Micronations
  • Convention establishing the European Union of Micronations

Member nations:

Mcronations can only be members if either their main micronation or their collonies are located within the boundries of Europe.

  1. Templar Kingdom (Secretary General)

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