"Free beer all around!"
Under composition.
Portland, Occupied territory of Cascadia
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Atheism
Demonym Eutrophian
Government Technocratic Delagative Democracy
- Chief Technical Officer Unfilled
- Prime Delegate Kronocyber
Legislature Delegative democracy and Technocracy
Established 2012
Area claimed <1km²
Population 1
Currency Eutrophian denar
Internet Domain (proposed) .etp
This nation is a a member of the Example Organisation

Government website
Under construction

Eutrophia is a small landless micronation, and was founded by Kronocyber on November 1st 2012 when he claimed sovereignty over a shallow area in the pacific ocean. The Eutrophian government is working to establish a commune within the pacific northwest of north America to gather the recourses to build an artificial island in the pacific. Eutrophia is constitutional technocratic delegative democracy with a polycameral legislature of delegates, experts, and respected individuals. Eutrophia's legislature is currently struggling with solving the land, resource, and infrastructure shortage.


The word Eutrophia comes from the root words Eu meaning good and troph meaning growth. The name symbolizes the hope that Eutrophia can grow into a free and prosperous nation.


Little can be said of Eutrophias past becuase it is onnly a few hours old but their is much hope for a great future.

Government & Politics

3-5 paragraph decription of the constitutional polycameral system. A short paragraph or two explaining delagatory democracy and technocratic oversight.

Law & Order

Currently the nation is under martial law until the war against the landlord and his sherif minions ends.

Foreign Relations

We are currently too busy dealing with internal problems and political instability to focus on foreign aid or deplomacy.


The leader and sole citizen of Eutrophia defends it with an aluminum bat and several large rocks.

Geography & Climate


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The tempurature is kept around 70F year round via heat and air conditioning. Most of the rain fall is centered around the shower and sinnk.


The current leader and sole resident is an itinerant day laborer.


THe culture is rather awsome.


Mostof the media is imported via the internet from the serounding countries. Very little content comes out of Eutrophia.

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External Links

When the national websit is up and running it will be linked here.

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