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Executive Council
Flag of the Executive CouncilThracian Executive Council Flag

Official language(s) English
Short name Council of Senators
- Grand Chancellor Skylar
- Chief Senator Danny
Established 2/27/16

The Executive Council is the main governing body in The Thracian Line, just underneath the Grand Chancellor him/herself.

Government Purpose

The Executive Council functions as a large table of advisors for the Grand Chancellor. The senators of the council are the Grand Chancellor's primary advisors, and are vital to the government of Thracia. The Executive Council is headed by the Chief Senator, and can only have six senators total in the entire council. The number of council members in unlimited; although the members must have some sort of experience in politics.


The Executive Council is involved in voting just as citizens are, only the canidates come from the six senators of the council. Voting for a new Grand Chancellor can only be held if the current one dies or resigns. A vote is also held yearly which decides whether or not the council will be removed with another political party or stay in power. In this vote, citizens cannot vote; only council members senators, and NCIA agents can. The Grand Chancellor gets no say during the voting process.

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