The Federated Sovereignty of Exumbria
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MottoSuperbia in libertatem
AnthemHymn of the Free
CapitalSouth Fortitudia
Official languages English
Demonym Exumbrian
Government Federal Monarchy
 -  High Sovreign George I
 -  Lesser Sovereign of Tristitia Louie I
 -  Lesser Sovereign of Nocterra Henry I
Legislature Imperial Circuit
Establishment10th October 2016
 -   census 15 
Currency Excumbrian Cynues (ֆ)
The Federated Sovereignty of Exumbria, commonly refered to as Exumbria or FSE, is an unrecognized micronation located in New Jersey, USA. Founded by George Campbell (who would later become the high sovreign) in 2016, this nation consists of three districts, with Fortitudia being the largest, followed by Tristitia, and then the smallest district Nocterra.


Officially established on October 10, 2016, The Federated Sovereignty of Exumbria was the first nation of its kind in the region. Originally, The Federated Sovereignty of Exumbria consisted only of one district, Fortudia, where the capital, all government offices, and the Deus Palatium are situated. In 2017, the district of Tristitia was created, and the district of Nocterra was created shortly after.


The Federated Sovereignty of Exumbria is a Federal Monarchy. The entire nation is overseen by a single High Sovereign, and all the districts are overseen by an additional Lesser Sovereign. However, the district of Fortitudia lacks a lesser sovereign, and is also overseen by the High Sovereign. Once a month, the Imperial Circuit assembles in the Deus Palatium where STRATLAT amendments are presented and voted upon, foreign affairs are dealt with, and any other governmental issue is seen too. All sovereigns attend, along with 5 representitives from each district.


The constitution for The Federated Sovereignty of Exumbria is known as The Statues, Theologies, and Rules Applying to Tribunal and Legislative Actional Tenets, also known as the STRATLATs. This guide outlines common civilian law, and states the recommended punishment for violation. The original book is kept in the Deus Palatium, and there have been two official amendments.

The Internal Civil Guard

The department in charge of keeping the peace is known as the Internal Civil Guard. Officially a branch of the Exumbrian Department of Domestic Security, the ICG is the preliminary enforcing power for the STRATLATs. They operate in each district, with guards ready to be switched or dispatched to another part of the nation at any time. While the ICG don't carry firearms, they are all armed with specially developped "stun-guns" designed to incapacitate anyone they deem a threat.

The Deus Palatium

The Deus Palatium is the residence of the incumbent High Sovereign. The Deus Palatium also serves as the meeting place for the monthly Imperial Circuit meetings, and houses the code of STRATLATs. The building was constructed in 2016, and has since been renovated to conform to the expanding needs of the nation. The only reported incident of the Deus Palatium was a small fire in 2017, although no one was reported injured.