Peoples Armed Forces
Founded 2013
Service branches Army, Navy, Air Defense corps, Republic Security Forces
Headquarters Tyrennia Socialist Republic, F.U.S.R
Minister of the Dept. of National Security Jacob Mackey
Commanding General of the P.A.F Tyler
Active personnel 6 Active member
Reserve personnel 2
Deployed personnel 2
Domestic suppliers Dept. of National Security

Branches of the Armed Forces

The peoples Armed forces include the Army, Navy, and Air Defense corps. The most active of the three branches is the Army the second most active is the Navy. The Navy is very important to the F.U.S.R because 4 of the 6 socialist republics are either surrounded or bordered by water and coastal defense is a major concern all four of the vessels in the "Red Fleet" are docked in Plazia at Devola Port. The Army consists of the 1st Infantry unit this unit is tasked with the job of protecting all six of the Socialist Republics the unit is most heavily stationed in Tyrennia the capital republic and the most populated republic. The Air Defense Corps. is home the the 1st Air Defense unit which specializes in artillery and protection of our skies.

Conflicts of the F.U.S.R

Fortunately the F.U.S.R has never seen a major war, although it has seen a few conflicts. The most major conflict the military has seen is the Henriettian Uprising in which a group of right wing militants occupied a small section of the capital republic and claimed it as the Republic of Henrietta. The uprising lasted for a few short days and the military received no major threats other than the throwing of rocks and hand to hand combat with angry rioters the military answered with non violent crowd control methods such as flares and shield walls. The uprising was resolved and the land was given back to the F.U.S.R. Another notable conflict would come in mid July when American citizens fired two bottle rockets into the national territory of the F.U.S.R the Armed Forces answered back by firing mortar fireworks toward the open field on the east side border as a warning shot to the American aggressors both sides halted firing and there has not been a problem since.

Weapons of the Armed Forces

The standard issued assault rifle is a F1 FAMAS airsoft rifle this weapon shoots at 356 FPS and specializes in close urban conflict but also can be used in a wooded environment. The secondary rifle of the Armed Forces is the standard BB gun single shot rifle most commonly used by the Navy and Army. Both the Army and The Air Defense use Chinese made fireworks as artillery, mortars, bottle rockets, and smoke grenades are the three most common types of artillery used. The Navy issues its sailors single shot BB guns although they are stored away on our biggest boat the F.S. Marla a transport/carrier pontoon.

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