FNCP Council
(Provisional Government)
June 1st 2011–June 7th 2011Dissolution era flag unironia.png

Reconstruction of Revolutionary Banner

Hymn of the FNCP
Capital city Cresigrad
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) none at state level
Short name FNCP
Government Councilst-Chessist State
Legislature Council
- Type - United
- Number of seats - 5
Established June 1st 2011-June Revolution
Disestablished June 7th 2011-Council Coup


After the June Revolution demolished the remaints of Robinsinshire Royal Government the revolutionaries set up a communist (Chessist-Councilist) governemt and began to "restore Unironia to it`s rightful glory" as said by Zachary Sparks, a promenient revolutionary

The Governent started by rebuilding Shade City up from the ruins of the civil war that occured after the collapse of the Kingdom of Robinsinshire then began to restore the agricultural traditions of the people that exsisted before the Royal Government seized the people`s land

although the intentions of this government were good hearted they were overthrown by members of their own party the FNCP on the grounds that the council was taking to much power the leaders of the coup established the Unironic People`s Republic