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Familism Republic of Fihanesia Familism Republic of Fihanesia is a South East Asian micronation located in pondok Kharisma Banten, Karawaci, South and North Jakarta, Bali island and Buton Island.

as a Indonesian micronation Fihanesia and other Indonesian micronation have a high commitment toward micronational simulationsim, as a opposite to secessionism.


on June 24 2006 Fihanesia proclaimed its independent from Highscopers colonialism for 10 years after the Revolutionary student Movement lead by Omar Laode againts the Highscopers colonialist. as a nation the people of Fihanesia believe that the spirit of Kinship and brother hood can bring a prosperity and Justice to Fihanesia. The official language of Fihanesia is a old Indonesian language that adopt by Fihanesia as a national language. the ethnic group in Fihanesia are came from the Indonesian Island such as Sumatra, Bali, Java,celebes and the other ethnic group in Fihanesia is Japanese.

Government and Politics

Fihanesia is a single party state, and the head of the government is President for life and Prime minister that choosen by the president and all of the governor and major in all Fihanesia Province was also choosen by the President.

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