Fascist Republic of São Sebastião
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COA of facist republic of...

São Sebastião é o melhor

O hino da carta (Hymn of the Charter)
Lisbon, Portugal

Capital city São Sebastião
Largest city São Marcão
Official language(s) Portuguese
Official religion(s) Catholicism
Demonym São Sebastiãonese
Government Fascist Republic

- Generalíssimo
Sebastião Reis
Legislature Fascist Party Congress
Established May 3, 2012
Area claimed 150m²
Population 13
Currency Dólar
Time zone GMT
National drink Milk
National animal Cougar
Patron saint São Sebastião
Internet Domain .são

The Fascist Republic of São Sebastião was a fake micronation created by Tsar Kuri I of Gishabrun (as Sebastião Reis) to "troll" MicroWiki. He and others from wiki planned to start war in MicroWiki community. Short period in which the nation existed, São Sebastião had fundamentalist pro war attitude. He was apparently supported by New Europe.

Fictional History

São Sebastião was founded on the 3rd of May, 2012, by the Generalíssimo Sebastião Reis. It was created when Sebastião decided that the Portuguese Republic in which he lived was disgracefully acting in response to its main problems, such as debt, immigration, neglect of traditional Portuguese culture, and membership in the European union. He soon recruited all the people he knew that shared his ideas into the new nation.

Military Expansion

Soon after its foundation, São Sebastião began taking over neighbouring area using the newly-created São Sebastiãonese Army. Many areas were also given up to the new republic by citizens and Portuguese supporters of the movement.

Meanwhile, a nation called the People's Republic of Acre Novo threatened the glorious fascist Republic. They burned flags, insulted fascism and Sebastião, and they even assaulted São Sebastiãonese citizens and bombarded them with Communist Propaganda. The nation decided to rid the area of these communist heretic barbarians, and so declared war on them. The Fascists fought bravely against the cowardly Communists, and even though the troops of San Sebastião were outnumbered 2:1, they achieved victory. Acre Novo was stripped of its communist elite and became São Marcão, a city in São Sebastião. This victory affirmed the Fascist Republic's official policy toward communists.

Real History

During a GUM meeting on the 24th August 2012, Gishabrunian delegate Tsar Kuri of Gishabrun (part of Renasia) in the GUM told others that he have began to sockpuppet MicroWiki by creating a fake micronation called São Sebastião claiming to be a Brazilian. Claiming to be Sebastião Reís, its leader.

The next day, Greater Khilia invaded São Sebastião, which started the Khilian War. However on the MicroWiki chat, King Penda II told everybody on Microwiki chat that São Sebastião was a fake micronation and this led West Danland to withdraw from the Khillian War.

In late 2012, Greater Khillia was also discovered to be a sockpuppet nation by Emperor Andrew of Smallia via the MicroWiki chat.

Khilian War

The micronation of Greater Khilia declared war on the fascist republic on the 24th of August, 2012. Khilia is also widely believed to be fake, either created by Kuri or by some other troll. Kuri claimed that Fascist Party Congress decided that all effort of the nation should be diverted to aiding the war. While Khilia was banned from the wiki soon after, the war never actually ended, and other nations joined the fight on both sides. This is seen as main success of trolling mission of Kuri. To add the fire between the two factions of MicroWiki community which supported Khilia and São Sebastião, Kuri claimed Generalíssimo held a Fascist Party Rally in which the citizens of São Sebastião were given various symbols of Khilia and Communism to burn. And he said Fascist Party Congress has decided to hold another, larger demonstration on the 31st of August to demonstrate the might of São Sebastião against the Khilian threat.

The West Danlandic Government announced that Sao Sebastiao would claim 25% of Khilia, with other 25% claims being owned by West Danland and New Finland.



Map of the Fascist Republic

São Sebastião was a fascist, single-party state. The nation was ruled by the Generalíssimo, who was currently Sebastião Reis. The Generalíssimo was advised in all his decisions by the Fascist Party of São Sebastião (which he was also the leader of), which officially meets as the Fascist Party Congress. However, the Generalíssimo does not have to act upon the suggestions of the Congress, and can veto any decisions it makes.

Each seat in the Fascist Party Congress also has a specific job to do, called a ministry. These were:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Cultural Advancement
  • Ministry of Science, Technology, and Education
  • Ministry of Propaganda
  • Ministry of Military Affairs

Internal Organisation

São Sebastião was divided into various Distritos, or Districts. They were:

Distritos of São Sebastião
Flag Name Date of establishment Population Governor
Sebastiaoflag2 São Sebastião 3 May 2012 3 Sebastião Reis
Sebastiaoflagmarcao São Marcão 27 June 2012 5 Adão Garcias
Sebastiaoflagsalazar Salazar 12 July 2 Teodósio Soares
Sebastiaoflaglargo Largo 2 August 2012 2 Gisela Matos

The capital and seat of the government is São Sebastião.



The house of the Generalíssimo, in the Distrito do São Sebastião

São Sebastião is completely in an urban environment, and there are no parks. The land is mostly flat, although the areas further from the Atlantic Ocean are slightly higher. The distritos of São Marcão and São Sebastião border the Atlantic Ocean, and have beaches on which São Sebastiãonese citizens often spend their time.


The culture of São Sebastião is based on the culture of Portugal during the 19th century, when said culture was at its peak. São Sebastião's policy is to protect and enchance this great culture and make sure that it does not succumb to foreign influences (mainly the job of the Ministry of Cultural Advancement). Beyond that, São Sebastião is also trying to make its culture more militaristic, so that its people can stand up and defend their homeland even when their army is defeated.

Foreign Relations

São Sebastião is looking for micronations to recognise, preferably right-wing nations. The Generalíssimo has stated that all left-wing nations asking for help or foreign affairs be subject to extreme inspection and scrutiny, lest they later turn against the Fascist Republic. All communist nations are declared enemies of the state.



São Sebastião has declared all communist nations the enemies of the state. However, it is currently in a state of war with: