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Fasu'Faicu Saum (literally "Six-Sided Square Battle") is a traditional Weynu'Tuemu board game and the national 'sport' of the Free Land of Harmonia designed for play by 2, 4 or 8 players at any one time. As the game implies, it is typically played on a hexidecimal board consisting of precisely 179 hexagons (11x9 board). Rarely, a 16-player version of the game can be played on a board of 358 hexagons, all though such games are usually reserved for large tournements and are not typically played for leisure.


A standard eight-player game requires the following items:

  • 179 hexagon playing board
  • Eight hexagonal counters coloured red, blue, yellow, green, teal, orange, pink and purple
  • A tool to mark other hexagons with the colour of each counter
  • 1-8 3-sided dice


  • The centre hexagon is always blocked by the six grey hexagons surrounding it untill 6 players have been eliminated
  • The goal of the game is to eliminate six players
  • When six players have been eliminated, the first player to reach the centre is victorious
  • Players move back to their starting hexagon when the race for the centre begins
  • Players are eliminated by taking their home hexagon
  • When advancing the counter, the player rolles the/ir die to determine how many hexagons they move. The player claims any hexagon they cross and land on, even if owned by another player.
  • When a player is removed, the player that removed them from the game takes all their hexagons.
  • The last two players cannot be eliminated by taking their home square.

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