Fazezda (2-1 a.r.)
Coats of arms of None
CoA are absent

Main theme from "Papers, Please!"

Fazezda (expanded borders)
Flag of Ukraine Odesskaya oblast', Ukraine
Capital city Saint Kolesnikov
Official language(s) Flag of Russia Russian
Official religion(s) Witnesses of Kickassy Trailer
Government Meritocractic Empire
- Emperor Vladislav Chokin
Legislature Senate of Assholes
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 10
Established 17.05.2017
Area claimed 37 km²
Population unknown
Currency Convertible Potato[FAB]
National sport Rides on Carts
National dish Shashlik
National animal Cat and pigeon

S.P.Q.F (lat. Senatus Populusque Fazezdae) - is the second micronational project of Vladislav Chokin. Now it is part of Kickassy Confederation.

Unlike Vladislavia, Fazezda is not serious country.

Name's source

After appearing of Brazilian TV serial "Slave Isaura" on Soviet TV in 1980's, the name of local manor - The Fazenda - was imprinted in Russian language as ironic name of "dacha" - the kind of summer cottage, issued for people by state.

Then, on state's TV channel of Russia the show "Fazenda" was created. And in 2016 year there was a plenty of Russian YouTube Poops about it. "Fazezda" - is one from them.

Founder has borrowed this name, because it must show that everything (even name) in this country gets wrong and stoned, as typical YT poop.