Federal Assembly
Ashukovo arms
Type Unicameral legislature
Houses House of Territories
Prime Minister Tim Aldene, Labour Party (SPD)
Members 8
Political groups      Labour Party (3)
     Orthodox Party ()4
     Green Party (1)

Ashukov Federation
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The Federal Assembly is the unicameral legislative body of the Ashukov Federation which consists of Members who represent the States of the Federation. All States are guaranteed 2 seats in the Federal Assembly, these two seats usually belonging to the head of state and head of government of the States. The only house of the Assembly is the House of Territories, which is unelected.

Currently Serving Members

Name Party Term start Other Offices Notes
Ashukovo arms
Joseph Kennedy
Labour 25 May, 2013 President of the Federation, Leader of the Labour Party
Ashukovo arms
Tim Aldente
Labour 25 May, 2013 Prime Minister
Ashukovo arms
Kaushik Legata
Labour 12 June, 2013
Ashukovo arms
Sebastian Schriber
Green 25 May, 2013 Federal Judge, Defense Minister, Leader of the Green Party Started term as an Orthodox, later founded the Green Party
Ashukovo arms
Edward Jacobs
Orthodox 25 May, 2013 Supreme Judge of the Federation, Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, Home Minister, Culture Minister, Leader of the Orthodox Party
Ashukovo arms
Timur Babić
Orthodox 25 May, 2013 Federal Judge, Sports and Recreation Minister
Ashukovo arms
Jacob Huff
Orthodox 31 May, 2013 Deputy Leader of the Orthodox Party
Ashukovo arms
Nathan Ford
Orthodox 31 May, 2013