Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of South-Eastern Carpathians

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The Federal Chancellor (official name:Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of South-Eastern Carpathians/German:Bundeskanzler von den Bundesrepublik Süd-Osten Karpaten/Romanian:Cancelarul Federal al Republicii Federale al Carpaților de Sud-Est)  of the Federal Republic of South-Eastern Carpathians is an office usually hold by the leader of the winning party in the legislative federal elections in the Republic. It can also be appointed by the King. The Chancellor shares the same executive power as the President,and he/she replaces the President in special cases (when ill,in incapacity and others).

The Chancellor has a term of one year,being renewable.

List of Chancellors of the FKSEC

Name Surname Party Term start Term end Notes
Hasan Cakar Independent 20 July 2013 Incumbent Appointed by the (former) King.

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