Federal Republic of Föúr

None de jure, de facto: !Vífä Sían! (English: Long Live Föúr!)
Móí Paøíxyarr (English: My Fatherland) Anthem is in process of composition
North America
Capital city Ruhact
Largest city Ruhact
Official language(s) English, Föúric
Official religion(s) Síanic Najyonelle Hvaämjét Péya (English: National Föúric Values)
Short name Föúr
Demonym Föúric
Government Federal Democratic Constitutional Non-Partisan Republic
Legislature National Parliament
- Type - Tricameral
- Number of seats - 1000, but all absent due to population insufficency
Established October 29th 2014
Population 35
Currency Föúr Federal Stellar
Time zone Föúr National Time Zone (27 hours ahead of UTC, currently this time zone is not yet established)
National sport Äataä
National dish Tsínúa
National animal Honey Badger

Föúr is a relatively new micronation located in North America founded on October 29th 2014. It is officially known as the Federal Republic of Föúr or Répúfhleca Fyódrelén ti Sían in Föúric. It's system of government is a Federal Democratic Constitutional Republic. Föúr takes its sovereignty very seriously even though it is not yet legitimately recognised by any other micronation. Föúr aspires to become a macronation.


Pre-national history

July 19th, 2014. This day, the first ideals regarding this nation were formed


On October 29th, 2014 the group composing the First Executive Council decided to form a nation as a monarchy. 5 days later, on November 3rd, Föúr declared independence with 4 citizens only. Within a month, the monarchy was abolished and gave way to a Federal Democratic Constitutional Non-Partisan Republic. Between the months of December and January, some progress was made in organising the government of Föúr but rather slowly. 

February 2nd: the population began to grow exponentially through immigration. Over 3 days the population grew 50%.

On February 20th, the government was officially organised. The first elections were held for Presidential office. The population numbered over 25.

In March, the government centralised authority to the Executive Council and established the provinces.

In April, an Executive Council Election followed. It defined Föúr ideologically.

May was the last month before Óstgaéz Aíhl (Stagnant Crisis) of 2015. However, May was a time of large growth in other matters.

In June 2015 began the Óstgaéz Aíhl. Óstgaéz Aíhl began a period of a stagnant government. Three out of the Four members of the Executive Council temporarily stopped participating in government matters leading to slow progress in the nation, and leading to unrest among the citizens because of only one Executive Council member handling all affairs. Relations between the Executive Council members grew tense.

Beginning September, Óstgaéz Aíhl began to thaw. Government is slowly but surely beginning to work with maximum productivity but it may take a few months for the recovery to happen completely.

Declaration of Independence


Approved by the EC members.


Föúr is currently governed by the Executive Council as the legislature, executive, judiciary branches of government combined also with Federal control of the financial and monetary system.

Ideology and Culture

Föúr promotes Protestant Christianity, a mixed economy, federalism, freedom, nationalism, patriotism, foreign neutrality, independence, autarky, it's own culture, and other values. Föúric culture is influenced by American, Scottish, Brazilian, Russian, Swedish and Israeli cultures but does not define itself as a "melting pot" state. It instead takes ideals from each culture and then defines the custom for the ideal in a unique manner.


American: Individualism

Scottish: Freedom

Brazilian: Brazil will most likely have a heavy influence eventually because of geography.

Russian: Resilience

Swedish: Equality

Israeli: Christianity, Patriotism

100% of Föúrics are Protestant Christians. The culture is slowly forming away from North American influences as the population grows.

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