Federal Republic of Grunkia
Grunkia.png Coat of arms of Grunkia.png
Coat of arms
Motto: Unity, Freedom, Fun
National anthem
(and largest city)
New Rome
Official language(s) English, Frebrish, Grunkian
Demonym Grunkian
 -  President "The President"
Legislature Parliament
 -  Upper house House of Commons
Establishment April 7, 2011
 -  Total 0.2 km2 
0 sq mi 
 -  Water (%) 0%
 -  2013 estimate
 -  Density 1/km2 
1/sq mi
Currency Canadian Dollars
Drives on the right

Grunkia (/ˈɡrənkijə/), officially the Federal Republic of Grunkia (abbreviated FRG), was a territorial state in North America and Northeast Asia bordered by British Columbia, Canada.

Grunkia had a varied past, beginning with the creation of the Federal Republic of Grunkia by a certain anonymous micronationalist on April 7th, 2011. Unlike some other micronationalists, instead of finding out about micronations after discovering micronations themselves, he found out by reading a book on creating a micronation.

Grunkia was supposed to become part of a school project, but he decided to take it forward, by buying up a new domain and website, It tore into the micronational community, making a YT account and a MicroWiki page. It also started diplomatic relations with other nations such as Flatland, and a unknown named Urieland. This makeshift community of micronations on YT later became to be known as the YouTube Community.


Founding of Grunkia

The predecessor of Grunkia was “GR”, a fictional city. It lasted for several years, but was transformed into Grunkia by the future president after reading an "interesting and humorous" book about micronations. On 1 May 2011, a website and a YouTube account were launched in Grunkia's name.

The YouTube Community

Afterwards, the United States of Flatland contacted Grunkia requesting diplomatic relations. After a short discussion in the Grunkian Parliament, the government accepted. Many former YouTube Community members regard this as the start of the YT community, which grew, after the arrival of the Empire of Domanglia, the Republic of Monovia, and the Republic of New Jonesland.

Grunkia and Domanglia became politically aligned with each other, and Monovia and New Jonesland created their own alliance.  New Jonesland declared war on Grunkia as punishment for refusing a treaty with New Jonesland. After 3 weeks of fighting, Monovia withdrew support from New Jonesland and became a Grunkian ally. New Jonesland then surrendered. 

Grunkian-New Joneslandish War

The post-war period was the beginning of the "Golden Age" in Grunkia, and Domanglia and Monovia emerged as the two new "superpowers" of the YT community. They co-founded the United Micronational Council, which Grunkia later joined.  However, the end of the Golden Age was marked by government e-mail accounts being compromised, and the cyber-terrorist organization The Red Comradeship claimed responsibility. It continued to perform cyber-attacks until in reaction Grunkia's government activity ceased.

Dictatorial Grunkia

During this period of time, Grunkia was ruled as an autocracy by a president, although the state was de jure democratic. The President issued a declaration of war against Freya, but then agreed to a truce. During this time, Grunkia for a short time transitioned to a city state, then a duchy, and then back to the old republic. During the time when Grunkia was a duchy, Grunkia joined the Crusade of the Eternal Purge with the goal of defeating Domus once and for all. However, since Sabovia and Elefthfria both claimed Sabovia, the Crusaders declared war on them too. The war ended on August 13, 2012. Also, the Freyan Conflict ended. However, the war damaged Grunkian foreign relations. Afterwards, Grunkian politics quickly shifted to becoming more leftist. The President resigned, and a free election replaced him with Edward Jacobs. However, Jacobs could not fulfill his duties because of college obligations, and resigned.  The President assumed power again, and attempted to create a more democratic state, with Tim Aldente as Prime Minister.
Great Domus flag1

Grunkia joined the Crusade of the Eternal Purge against Domus, Elefthfria, Sabovia, and Freya.

Constitutional Monarchy

After the resignation of Edward Jacobs, Grunkia joined New Utopia in January 2013, but left due to inactivity. Grunkia rapidly reorganized into the short-lived Republic of Aurum, which was replaced by the return of Grunkia. Aurum land became a province of Grunkia. The parliamentary republic was replaced with a constitutional monarchy, with The President as king. The Grunkian government also voted to re-establish the Grunkian Commonwealth. The two former members of the GC, Freedricka and Andoras, decided to rejoin the Commonwealth.


Grunkia after September 2013 was an inactive one-man nation that existed only in name. So the "President" of Grunkia on January 7, 2014 announced the dissolution of Grunkia. All lands were given to the administration of Canada.


The Federal Republic of Grunkia was lead by the Conservative Democratic Party of Grunkia (CDP) after the Grunkian 2012 Elections. The Prime Minister is elected by popular votes, while the Lord President and the Cabinet were chosen by the Prime Minister.


The government of Grunkia had some important figures. The Prime Minister and Cabinet was part of the executive branch, the ministers in the Minister branch, and the MPs' are representatives of the public.

Members of Government

Executive Branch

  • President: The President
  • Prime Minister: Vacant
  • Lord President: Position removed as of June 2nd, 2013.

Cabinet Members Annexed by kingdoms of riviere du loup


The economy of Grunkia was stagnant. There were no exports, only imports. However, there was some mining and building industries run by Grunkians.

Grunkians use Canadian dollars

Geography and Climate

The wildlife of Grunkia consisted of chipmunks, rabbits, and the occasional coyote. Domestic dogs are also present. The plant life is dominated by pine, oak, and birch trees, with grass and moss on the ground.

Grunkian soil is rocky and large boulders are commonly found. Common stones and minerals are quartz and granite.

Foreign Relations

Relations with micronations

Grunkia recognized all micronations that are new nation projects, or are somewhat close to a new nation project. However, Grunkia does not open neither formal and informal relations.

Recognized nations

Grunkia recognized all nations in the UN.


The Federal Republic of Grunkia did not maintain a standing army. All defense and order was managed by the Grunkian Police.

Land and Geography

Grunkia consists of two tiny landlocked claims.

  • Aurum which was the largest and the main province of Grunkia. The capital of Grunkia, New Rome is located inside it.
  • Fairview which was the smallest claim, is the personal residence of the President of Grunkia.


Grunkia News and Grunkian Observer

Grunkia News, was the video broadcasting branch of the Grunkian Broadcasting Service. It provided news on Grunkia and the outside world, to people who do not read the newspaper often. Grunkian Observer, was the newspaper of Grunkia.

Media and Internet Act

Under the Media and Internet Act passed by the Parliament of Grunkia, every individual living in Grunkia has the freedom to make a video and post it on the internet, or make a radio broadcast. However, racism and hate speech is tolerated to a certain extent, unless citizens of Grunkia raise the issue in court or start a petition and send it to the government.


Most of the citizens of Grunkia had access to the internet. Internet is supplied by macronational companies. Most of the citizens that go on the internet usually check their email, most of them are Gmail, the official government sponsored email service, YouTube, Facebook, or sometimes, in the case of politicians, MicroWiki or Skype.


Most citizens had access to television, except for a small exception, (for example the President, who lives in a remote area, cannot get satellite access). Like Internet, it is supplied by macronational companies.



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