Federal Republic of Nujia
(Esperanto) Federala Respubliko de Nuĵaja
Civil Flag

POR LANDO! (For Country)
National Anthem (Nacia Himno)
Map of Counties Nujia is in
Territory By County
Capital city Kvareto (Oak Hill,TN)
Official language(s) English
Demonym Nujian
Government Socialist Democracy
- President Johano Drunajro
- Vice President Ksavero Nerovo
The Nujian Ministry
- Type - Cabinet of Officials
- Number of seats - 8 ministers
- Last election - Elections for Officials: November 27th,2012
Established -Independence: July 25th,2010.
-Federal Republic:November 24th, 2012.
Population ≈20 includes family members of citizens who are recognized by the government.
Currency N/A Gift Economy
Time zone Central Time (UTC−06:00)
National sport Football and Team Handball

Under Developement. Twitter:

The Federal Republic of Nujia (Esperanto: Federala Respubliko de Nuĵaja) is a micronation within the United States. Nujia's territory is inside of  the state of Tennessee and Florida. 


Nujia is devised from the Proto-Eshunite word Otšanu:gi: Which literally means Cloud Rivers. During the Colonial Era, They split the word in half forming the word Ožan (Očan) and Nujia (Nuže).  


On July 25th of 2010, Johano Drunajro  created the humble nation called The Republic of Lealand. Next on Febuary of 2011, A small house in Seagrove, Florida becomes a new territory. By November 24th, 2012, The nation becomes the Ozhan Federation. In November 27th 2012 the nation assembles a group of 8 people to lead the parilament. By December of 2012 Ozhan became the Federal Republic of Nujia. On December 15th, 2012 Nujian minister Eclavo Kajej, decides to succeed from Nujia and create a micronation called Chaotopia. Four days later, war breaks out and a draft for the constitution has been created. 

The Movement

In August, Drunajro buys a house located 2 miles outside of Tanova. Many were and still are weary of what will come next for Nujia but because of this move, The capital city of Tanova is lost. On November 13th, 2014 A new capital has been established giving it the name of Kvareto, Derived from Esperanto words Kvarkalo and Monteto. Along with the moving into a new location, the Nujian languages have become obsolete. They have been replaced with Esperanto, an International Auxiliary Language supposedly easier to learn than English.  

Old Flag

Flag of the Ozhan Federation.

Lealandic Flag

Flag of The Republic of Lealand.


The Government format was orginally inspired by the Xunta de Galicia. Each job, including the President and Vice President, serve for life. Power suddenly shifted into becoming an Oligarchy with Drunajro as its highest authority. 

Nujian Officials
Title Name
Head General of Army Dimino
Leader of Research and Science Cevulo
Treasurer Iĝuko
Ambassodor Dekajlio
Civillian Services Cevo
Secretary Drunajro*
Emissary (Nujian Yard) Nelako
Conserver of Fine Arts Lanleko
Conserver of Heritage and Folklore


President Druajro
Vice President Nerovo

*Drunajro is in fact related to Johano, it is his sister Ĥeza

Law and Order


On December 19th of 2012, Ministers of Nujia Gather at the Parilament to write the constitution. The council reccomended to create the main concept of laws. These actions lead to the creation of the Nujian Militia.

  1. No Vandalism or Homicide
  2. No Firearms (such as actual guns that can kill people)
  3. No Drugs,Tobacco, or achololic beverages
  4. Everyone is automatically apart of the Militia (its either a part-time or full-time job, its your choice)
  5. Do not Destroy another persons Items or Property.
  6. No not destroy the Ecosystem.
  7. Freedom of Religion.
  8. Freedom of speech.
  9. Freedom of innovation.
  10. Freedom of Education.
  11. Right of free Enterprize.
  12. Signs in Nujia must have Nujian Subtitles (Other lanuages are optional)

Afterwards, Nujia began to use laws & concepts from The Great Law of Peace, the "constitution" of the Iroquois. In October of 2013, The Constitution was published in Tānova.

Foreign relations

Nujia currently recieves allies from Twitter. Micronations who mention Nujia's Twitter account and makes it official that are nations are allies, Nujia will either accept or decline. Here is a list of nations that have been accepted. On October 30th, 2013 Nujia has been invited to join the American Union .After the Meeting of November 17th, Nujia decided to join the AU.


North Province (Nordalan)

North Province is inside of Central Tennessee. North Province is home to the nations government, most of its people, and makes up most of the nations production of commodities. North Province used to be divided into two districts, Tānova (South of I-440) and Kelagēju (North of I-440).

Nujian Building

Tanova c.2013

Now it is divided by the neighborhood each citizen lives in.


Since November 13th,2014. Nujia's capital has been relocated to a new place. This new place is twice the size of its predicessor, Tanova. "It's more of an expansion than reduction" Nujian news source "La Nuĵajana" states in one of its articles. PICTURES YET TO BE UPLOADED


The former capital district (Tanova). Houses most of the Nujian inhabitants


Just north of Vertejo is the former distrist of Kelagaju. It once was a rebel base now it is a district of



South Province (Sudalan)

South Province is both the newest and smallest province. South Province is the home for Nujia's main fishing industry, and home to many recreational things. Inside of the province is Eastern Lake's shores. Locals claimed them and referred to it as the Crimson Coast.


Maarsk is the only district in the province. Maarsk was established on February 11th, 2011. INFORMATION AND PICS YET TO BE ADDED

View From SP

Skyline of Maarsk


"4.Everyone is automatically apart of the Militia (its either a part-time or full-time job, its your choice)" -Nujian Consitution.

The Nujian Militia is mainly the armed forces of Nujia. The Militia has a policy for having a weapons stockpile. The weapons are mainly Airsoft guns, Nerf guns, Handcrafted Melee weapons, and firecrackers.


A Nujian testing a homemade firearm.


The Nujian culture is one the most diverse cultures in the southeastern US.There is nearly no direct trace to any  An Iconic part of Nujian culture are the comical folk tales, passed down through oral tradition. Many of these stories sadly have not been published.


The Government of Nujia has its own news channel on Youtube known as "La Nuĵajano". It produces film in both English and Esperanto, the same applies to its website.

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