Federal Republic of Pumland
Flag of State 3State of Arms

Pax Pumlandia
Pumland Map
Pumland in blue.
Capital city Rose
Largest city Rose
Official language(s) Official: Californian English, Frisian; Minority: Spanish, French
Official religion(s) Lutheranism, Roman Catholiscm
Demonym Pumpan, Pumlandic, Pumlandish, Pumish
Government Electoral Federal Republic
- Grand Chancellor Grand Chancellor W. Harris
Legislature Grand Council
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 4
- Last election - Sunday, October 3, Every Year
Established May 5, 2014[inactive]Re-established October 1st, 2016
Area claimed Area 713 meters2, 7673 feet2 0.18 acres 0.000 miles2 0.001 km2 Perimeter 114 meters, 374 feet 0.071 miles 0.114 km
Population 13
Currency Crown (c)
Time zone Pacific Time
National dish Sushi
National drink Coconut Water
National animal Flamingo
Patron saint St.John
Internet Domain

Pumland Map

Map of Pumland, in blue.

Federal Republic of Pumland

Pumland is a proclaimed nation is Orange, California. It the revived form of the ancient republic of Pumpland. Pumland is a Lutheran state, and the only other state besides Germany, and Namibia to have a Lutheran Majority.


The history of Pumland starts in early 2014 when a couple of friends decided to create "Pumpland", it soon later disbanded and went defunct, it was then rebounded as the Republic of Anaheim, which had a small war with Hiti over Hiti Atoll.


Pumland is culturally American, but has major Germanic influences.


Freedom of religion is allowed, but the mainstream population in Lutheran with a Catholic Minority.


The Pumish economy relies heavily on agriculture, and gambling. The Republic is the micro national world's leader producer in Ice Tea, and Rice. The crown is the national currency but the U.S Dollar replaces it in most instances.


The military of Pumland formed out of the extinct Pumlandish Cadets, and formed the Pumish Corporal Legion. The military is mainly militia which also serves as the police in all instances. The PCL has 3 members uses airlift guns and batons. There are no standard uniforms and the military is for defence purposes only.


Even though English is the official language, 100% of the Population speaks English, 10% Frisian, 30% Spanish, and 10% French.


Party: Pumish-Liberté Pumish-Liberté 4/4 Seats| Leader: W. Harris

PCL Military

A standard military airgun.