Federal Republic of West Florida

"Mu Wahl un Zul ko Drem" (We Raise our Voice in Peace)
Auroran Hymn (Finale from Saint-Saens "Organ" Symphony (No. 3)
Southern North America, Asia, Spirit Realm
Capital city Pensacola
Largest city New Orleans
Official language(s) Dovahzhul (Dragonspeak)
Demonym West Floridian
Government Federal Republic
- Chief Executive Jamling Sherpa
- Dovahkiin Jamling Sherpa
Legislature Boden Dovah (House of Dragons)
Established September 23, 2014
Population 10 million (est.)
Currency United States Dollar (USD) West Florida Guilder (WFG)
Time zone CST
National sport Sailing
National animal Alligator
Internet Domain .wf
This nation is a a member of the UNPO

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West Florida, officially the Federal Republic of West Florida, is a self governing micronation that is the successor state to the historical Republic of West Florida, adding to its territory.

The country is founded by local Pensacolian Jamling Sherpa.


As explained above, the country is the direct successor state to the former historical government.


The historical Republic was declared 23 September, 1810, with its successor state, a federation, being declared 23 September, 2014.

Government & Politics

West Florida is a federal state, having many "federal subjects" consisting of Republics, Special Administrative Regions (S.A.R.) Overseas Countries and Island Territories.

List of "federal subjects"

Republics - Have the right to parliament, flag, national hymn, national languages and culture

  1. Republic of Terrebonne
  2. Republic of St. Charles
  3. Republic of Orléans (concurrent with the City of Federal Importance - New Orléans)
  4. Republic of Mississippi
  5. Republic of Alabama
  6. Republic of Escambia
  7. Republic of Argonia (concurrent with the City of Federal Importance - Pensacola; the national capital)
  8. Republic of Santa Rosa (not to confused with the Island Territory of Santa Rosa, a separate entity)
  9. Republic of Okaloosa
  10. Republic of the Bay Islands

Special Administrative Regions - Fully autonomous, even more so than Republics, and even the Native American tribe's own government within the United States. They are seperate states within the Federation. The name, and its system, come from the Hong Kong Government. These are normally Native American tribes.

  1. S.A.R. Miccosukee (an enclave within S.A.R. Everglades, see below)
  2. S.A.R. Everglades, home of the Alligators (Nominally a species of reptillian animal, but due to endangerment, are considered a distinct people and race under federal law. Not related to the Miccosukee or Native Americans)
  3. S.A.R. Creek Nation

Overseas Countries - Same as S.A.R., but are detached physically from West Florida itself.

  1. Overseas Country of Shangri-La, aka. Tibet (Held in suzerainty by the P.R. of China)

Island Territories

  1. Santa Rosa
  2. Parusa (Ship Island)
  3. Okaloosa
  4. Cape Sable (Headquarters of the Evergladian Government)

Law & Order

Law enforcement is provided by the United States.

Foreign Relations

There are no formal external relations established at this time.


There is no military, as defence is provided by the US.

Geography & Climate

For the most part, West Florida is humid and sub-tropical. During winter, the country sometimes experiences temperatures below 10 degrees celsius.


Media is controlled by the Ministry for Radio, Television and Film.

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