Hail Agni
United States
Capital city Agni
Largest city Agni
Official language(s) English, Spanish
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym Agnian
Government Federal Republican Dictatorship
Legislature Congress
Established 12/21/13 12:58pm EST
Area claimed 5,400 square feet (Outdated)
Population 28
Time zone EST
National sport Soccer
National animal Cat

The Federal Republican Dictatorship of Agni, commonly shortened as Agni, is a micronation that was formed on the 21st of December 2013. The Federal Republican Dictatorship is a successor to the monarchy, though the country is literally the same as before, just with a new government and altered leaders. The country is a democracy, and has it's officials serve for life, which is where the "dictatorship" is represented.


The term Agni derives from the Sanskrit word for Fire. As Sanskrit is a philosophical language for Hinduism, which both founders of this country fall under, it seemed appropriate to name the country in this language.


Origin After political talks between former regional leaders, it was concluded that the current state of the government was very unorganized and a clean slate would need to be started. Therefore the government officially transitioned into The Federal Republic Dictatorship of Agni, and went under major ratification in order to become more simplified and organized. Agni of course is the same country, just with a new government. It's previous page, Agni, will exist as a historic reminder of the monarchy (both constitutional, and absolute) and the diarchy, and the countries original roots and history.

The October Conference

Former monarchs, now President and Prime Minister, Jeremy and Dylan met together in early October in order to discuss the political happenings and things existing within Agni. This was the first political conference between the now Head of State/Government and Head of Foreign Affairs, and it proved to a very productive one as well. New laws and concepts were proposed during this, including the majority of new Agnian laws and regulations. This conference also marked the beginning of statehood for former breakaway country, Meepland, and saw a more proper separation of powers be created.It was also proposed that a bi-monthly conference occur between the Prime Minister and President, but this idea was not successfully instituted.

The December Celebration

While nothing officially was recognized or signed into action, there was an effective celebration on Christmas day which featured a majority of the population, as well as nearly all government officials. The celebration was recognized as a normal Christmas Day celebration by citizens, but it was actually a celebration for Independence Day, which had occurred on 12/21/14. Independence Day celebrated the independence from the Bruagnian union in December of 2013.

The Regency of Clemeten

Recently, the governor-senator of the state of Clementen, recently departed Agni. The federal government of Agni did not bother searching for him, and he is believed to be dead (due to his old age). Prime Minister Dylan appointed a regent governor-senator to see to the state's affairs. This was no human, but instead the mother of the cat population in the state. Clemeten is officially categorized as "abandoned, by humans", but it does house a number of alley cats. If a congressional vote is ever needed in the future, a real human will be appointed before the vote is to begin (around 7 days in advance).

Government & Politics

The government is a Federal Republican Dictatorship and is currently divided into 6 states (commonly referred to as territories). Those states are,

  • Meepland
  • Republicana
  • Bhojan
  • Agni
  • Clementen
  • New Agni

New Agni being the former colonies Argo and Anjin. The Capital of the country is now simply the territory "Agni", The Prime Minister usually represents this.

Political Powers

There are three branches in the Agnian government, The Executive, The Legislative, as well as the Judicial. Each maintains it's own powers that limit the others and keep them in 'check'.

The Executive branch is comprised of:

  • The Prime Minister, Head of Government, State, as well as Commander in Chief, and Acting Senator of Agni, the state.
  • The President, Head of Foreign Affairs, second-in-line to the Prime Minister, apart of the Executive Cabinet.
  • Senator (Alternatively called Governor-Senator), leader of a state

The Legislative Branch consists of:

  • Senators, lawmakers.
  • Local Senators (State Legislative Bodies).

The Judicial Branch is comprised of:

  • Justices of Peace, Supreme Court Level Judges.
  • Judges, normal judicial level.

The Executive Order Format goes as so:

XzzYY. Where as, X is the chronologically issued order, zz is the month, and YY is the date. 


The Agnian Congress

Also referred to as The Agnian Senate, the Agnian Congress is the federal legislative branch of the government and is responsible for the creation of laws. There is only one house present in The Agnian Congress, and that is the Senate, which has one representive from each state. The Senate is responsible for impeachment trials, development of new laws, selecting a new Prime Minister and President, the vetoing of executive actions, and other things.

Political Parties

Agni exercises single-party rule in the executive branch, with the Agnian Democratic-Socialist Party being the party in executive power. Though, senators in The Agnian Congress are entitled to freedom of political party. Currently, there is no official recognization means for political parties in Agni.

The Senate is held by two Agnian Democratic-Socialist, one National Meepland, and three Independent party members.

There has been only one other 'runner' for the executive branch not from the Agnian Democratic-Socialist Party, TheRed Oxen Party. It was discovered and favored incredible amounts of freedom to the working class and believed that nothing has value unless you put work into earning it. However, the party was dissolved upon the fleeing of the parties' leaders and members from Agni.

The Agnian Demoratic-Socialist Party

Founded in mid-2014 by Dylan Rajagupta, now Prime Minister of Agni, the party serves as a mix of, The American Democratic Party , and Socialism as a whole. The party is said to be based on some beliefs found with the Democratic Socialists of America Party, which is why Socialism is included in the name, and in some of the core values. The flag of the party is represented by traditional democratic blue, and red socialism, and a golden sickle and hammer followed by five stars, each reprsenting a value. In order, they are: Unity, Equality, Order, Wisdom, and Strength.

Flag/Symbol Party Founded Ideology Leader
SDA Agnian Democratic-Socialist Party 2014 Socialism Dylan Rajagupta
RedOxen Red Oxen Party 2014 Trotskyism & Fascism Unknown

Law & Order

Laws in The Federal Republican Dictatorship of Agni are created by Congress and are passed or vetoed by the vote of both the Prime Minister and President. If the president, prime minister, or both veto a law. The veto can be overturned by a two thirds majority vote in Congress. The Prime Minister and President both have the option to dissolve the current congress, but both must agree.

Executive Orders List

  • Executive Order 11227, shifted the economy of Agni to a barter economy, rather than a command economy.
  • Executive Order 20723, canceled (former) law 20, which stated: "Both the Prime Minister and President must agree on a Supreme Court ruling in order for the ruling to be valid".
  • Executive Order 30927, ratified title: "Dictator" as an alternative term to be officially used by the Prime Minister. Similar to the Ancient Roman Dictator, the title is one of honor, but is used regularly and instead of times of crisis. The Dictator serves for life, as he or she is the Prime Minister.

Foreign Relations

The Agnian Foreign Affairs ministry (alternatively called Department of Foreign Affairs), is headed by the President. Though the Prime Minister has reserved power to organize political relations outside of Agni. 

Nations who recognise Agni:

Nations who Agni have recognised:


  • FrelsiaFlag Kingdom of Frelsia


The Military is required to have a knowledge of Karate, able to understand, and follow orders, as well as the English, and Spanish languages. They are led by the leaders of the army or nation who are expected to be trained in military knowledge and strategic knowledge. After the major transition into a Federal Republic, the Indigo Army was dissolved, and a successor army known as The United Agnian Ground Forces or UAGF for short, was created.

After long term violence in Agni, military funding was increased and a near-mandatory conscription program was enacted.

The following military ranks are the following:

  • Private 
  • Private 1st Class
  • Corporal
  • Corporal Major
  • Sergeant
  • Sergeant Major
  • General
  • Marshal
  • Grand Marshal

Geography & Climate


Agni, being located within a typical North American, east coast location, experiences multiple seasons, Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer. Normally, all agricultural activity minimizes towards later Autumn and decreases entirely during Winter, but booms during Spring and Summer.


Most of Agnian land is flat, arable, land that is populated by decidious and coniferous trees.  


The economy of Agni was formerly a command economy up until late December, 2014. Following Prime Minister Dylan's signing of the first Executive Order, 11227, the economy shifted into a free barter economy with little government intervention. The government however reserved the right to collect taxes and reap benefits off of resources that are being bartered, as well as the ability to confiscate said resources with definite reason. Many items bartered have started to gain significant value in the economy,  these items include small chocolates, which retain the most value, markers, paper, and wood also maintain significant value as well. 

Agni had one federal bank, that has operated prior to the times of the monarchy. It used to contain basic coins that were highly desired among traders, which is how it ascended into the Agnian Plas. With recent political shifts, the federal bank became obsolete and no longer needed, and now serves as a capsule containing historic pieces of Agnian history. The Agnian Plas was the most used currency form, and their was a permanent number of Plas in circulation, that number remains unknown at this point.


A lot of the culture derives from Indian Culture and often involves many common Indian traditions and activities. A common pass time of the people is too browse the internet, or to draw. Agnian politicians often find themselves playing strategy simulation games such as Europa Universalis IV, Crusader Kings II, Democracy 3, and the Civilization series.

Agnian Culture has significantly been influenced by American culture, which itself is just a collection of vast cultures compiled under one name. But Agnian Culture selectively has gained influenced from Irish-American, Scottish-American, and Indian-Trinidadian culture.

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