Federalist Party
Leader Jeremy Kloth
Founded 1792
Headquarters Jera Empire
Ideology Federalism, Centrism, Political Right, Social Liberal & Localism
Political position Center-Right
International affiliation No Affiliation yet
Official colours Dark Green
National Assembly of Scotannaea 0 out of 34

The Federalist Party is a political party in the Republic of Scotannaea founded in December 2013. It's ideology is to localise governments and make more politics within local areas, contribute to a Government source of support rather than a Private Enterprises of charity, but while being for causes such as Welfare the group also supports a starting closure of the Welfare system aswell. The Federalist Party also supports rights such as Gay Marriage, but also Gun Ownership, aswell as programs that decrease racism. aswell as rights they do support a strong Government Bank in order to help smaller banks, support of public education and a decrease in private, aswell as equal taxation.

National PoliticsEdit

The Federalist Party currently holds no seata in the National Assembly of Scotannaea but will have to wait until the next Scotan General Election to see which seats The Federalist Party will occupy in the National Assembly.

The Federalist Party currently holds an executive seat in the Jera Empire as the Emperor himself as leader of the Federalist party aswell as the Jera Empire.

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