Federated Union of Socialist Republics
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"Equality for All, Oppression for None"
North America
Capital city Socialist Republic of Tyrennia
Largest city Socialist Republic of Buckley Island
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) No official religion
Short name F.U.S.R.
Demonym Soviet
Government Socialist Peoples Republic
Legislature Peoples National Assembly
- Number of seats - 10
Established January 21st 2013
Currency Federal Mark
National sport Soccer
National dish Boudin

The Federated Union of Socialist Republics, sometimes known as the F.U.S.R, is a union of semi autonomous Socialist Republics that are centrally united under a national constitution and a federal socialist government. Its aims are to gradually abolish big government and become a council communist society.


On January 21st, the F.U.S.R was born and a new flag was raised over the government house in the Socialist Republic of Tyrenia, now the capital. A year later, a coup d'etat was attempted by the brother of an F.U.S.R activist the aims of his brother is still to this day unknown. Three months after the attempted coup, a 52 by 40 foot piece of the Socialist Republic of Tyrenia was claimed by the Chairman's brother as the nation of Henrietta. Soon after, the Henriettian militia invaded the Tyrenia, but the attack was repelled by the People's Armed Forces. The nation of Henrietta was dissolved after two days of existence. Over the following year, a 38 page constitution was drafted and the F.U.S.R was officially born.The F.U.S.R is made up 6 republics all acting together in unison as one nation these republics include Buckley, Tyrenia, Plazia, Rhothid, Malia, and Prudstan

Government & Politics

The F.U.S.R. runs under an Ideological Socialist Republic, held together by the ideas of Marx, it is composed of a People's National Assembly. The republics are run solely through workplace democracy and citizen referendum. Each republic also has a defense council which handles and maintains a national defense force to defend the Federated Union The nation is composed of six Socialist Republics that are united under a social democratic constitution and that all represent in the national government.

Law & Order

The laws of this nation are created by citizen referendum in each republic but on a national level the laws are decided on by the People's National Assembly, the constitution forbids a penal system so crimes are punishable by community service, petty crimes punishments are decided by the citizens in the republic in which the crime took place in. The most sever crimes, such as treason, military desertion, or murder, can carry a punishment of losing citizenship or up to 5 years of community service.

Foreign Relations

The Head of the Department of Foreign Relations is Shaun Richardson. He has been in this position since Feb. 12th of 2016

Micronations formally recognized by the F.U.S.R.:

Micronations Denounced by the F.U.S.R

Military and Space Exploration

The Military or Peoples Armed Forces is made up of the Peoples Army, Air force, and Navy and is monitored and regulated by the various defense councils set up in each Republic. The army consists of a special task unit known as a rapid response combat team or R.R.C.T, the army also has one infantry unit and currently has 15 soldiers, the Air force of the F.U.S.R currently has no flyable air craft but is in the process of getting funding to purchase a recon drone. The F.U.S.R navy is home to the "Red fleet" which is made up of a 27 foot transport boat, commonly known as a pontoon and 2 one manned stealth crafts also commonly known as kayaks, the navy also has a small canoe used to transport small items or equipment and can hold 4 men. These vessels are docked in the Socialist Republic of Plazia in Devola port which is located on the coast of the Muskingum River this republic is also home to the F.U.S.R's second smallest island the Muskingum Island. The largest Military exercise conducted by the Peoples Armed Forces took place over 3 days it included weapons training with the standard F1 FAMAS and was concluded with a mock invasion by the Holy Gearlist in which the Defense forces successfully defended and held the capital.

Space exploration has often played a huge role in the Federated Union and has been researched and developed since the start of the micronation, recently in past month the Space Exploration Agency or S.E.A asked the peoples national assembly to pass funding for the Reach For the clouds program which hopes to successfully attach a camera to a rocket and catch aerial shots of the Capitol republic which is where the launch site is located. On August 23rd the F.U.S.R succesfully launched a rocket named "Au-Dela" the launch and landing was smooth all though the rocket did not meet maximum altitude so the Space Exploration Agency is planning to construct and launch another rocket in the coming year.


Presently, the economic plan for 2015 is being used and practiced by the F.U.S.R

The economy of the F.U.S.R is based off of common ownership of the means of production by the working people through the practice of workplace co-ops and nationalizing the needs in life such as food, healthcare, and farmable land.

The national currency is called a Federal Mark it is equal to 1 American Dollar. Things that are essential to life such as food shelter and water are all nationalized and provided at collective centers in each republic. The F.U.S.R trades with other micronations in special economic zones which can profit off of trades but the money is used to fund the micronation and nothing else. Food and resources are all stored at the various republics free to the public as long as they take only what they need. The state recently opened a state ran enterprise in hopes the industry will create external funding for the state, the profits are split 50/50 between the state and worker ran bamboo co-op. The F.U.S.R is now encouraging it's workers to unionize and run their workplace more democratically. As of right now the Farmers Union is the only union that has been formed these unions have the right to request and speak at national assembly meetings.

Exports: potatoes, cigars, BambooDomestic commodity production: tobacco, tomatoes, bell peppers, potatoes, eggs, carrots, Bamboo

Culture & Recreation

The F.U.S.R is a very cultured micronation. The micronation follows Cajun French traditions, popular food items in all the republics include boudin, gumbo, etoufee and many more French dishes. This culture was adopted when the micronation was founded, being that it's founder is from Louisiana. The F.U.S.R is home to many beautiful recreation sights. The most notable sight is revolution square; located at the center of the capital it features a large fire pit which is lit during celebrations and holidays. The F.U.S.R also features the National Workers Monument, a monument which pays tribute to the sacrifices the workers of the micronation make to advance the F.U.S.R towards success. The monument is a fountain which represents the workers filled with water which represents the prosperity and hope they hold. The fountain is illuminated by a red beacon or the beacon of socialism which represents the protection they receive from socialism. The F.U.S.R also has a few very important holidays, the three national holidays; Mardi Gras, Constitution Day, and Liberation Day on these days workers receive the day off and celebrations are held the square is lit and parties are thrown. 

National Holidays of the F.U.S.R
Date Holiday
December 28th Constitution Day
January 21st Liberation Day
Tuesday before Ash Wednesday Mardi Gras