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The Federation of Ancorea, formerly known as the Ancorean Protectorate and before that as simply Ancorea, is a micronation situated in the state of Utah, in the USA. Ancorea was, and still is in some aspects, a devoted theocracy, with most citizens, if not all, following the Vilrati religion. Ancorea was founded in 2001 by Dila (Meaning Leader in the Ancorean language) Toebak. In 2003, he was succeeded by Dila Karbak, a famed spiritual and religious leader, who was quickly followed by Dila Relaiyun. In 2005, with the previous three monarchs having had to leave the nation in order to attend further education, Ancorea was placed under the protection of a close friend of the nation, Lopnertu of Wioptark. The nation was henceforth renamed the Ancorean Protectorate. Soon, a spiritual leader and head of the Vilrati religion named Rysten was installed as Dila. He decreed that the nation should be split up into two different sectors, and that people should reside in a sector according to the sect of the Vilrati religion they followed. Thus, the sectors were named Retmusi, after the Retmu sect, and Forati, after the Forat sect.

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