Kaleido flag (2014)

The Federation of Greater Kaleido (Tagalog:Unyong Pederal ng Kaleido ; Ilocano:Union Pederal ti Kaleido ; Roman:Federatsiya Bol'shogo Kaleido) is a federal micronation located in the Philippines. It was founded on April 22, 2016 after the merger of the Independent State of Kaleido and of the Grammarian Republic. English and Tagalog was the Official and Most Commonly Used language in the country but there is also also 3 Optional Languages: Ilocano, Japanese and Russian. The Federation has no Official Capital City under its Federal State, but the De Facto Capital is Sora Naegino, located on the Independent State of Kaleido which hosts the Parliament, Supreme Court and other Government Offices, while the Presidential Residences is located on Bataclan. On April 25, 2016, the Kingdom of Luna officially joins the Federation.


  • April 22, 2016-The Federation of Greater Kaleido was founded on April 22, 2016 after the signing of the Agreement of the Formation of Greater Kaleido, initially signed by then Grammarian OIC-President Drinian Ordanel and by then Kaleidonian Vice President Luis H.M Palay.
  • April 25, 2016- The Kingdom of Luna signed the Agreement and officially joins the Federation of Greater Kaleido
  • April 26, 2016-Exactly 4 Days after the nation's foundation, the First Greater Kaleido Federal Elections was held. Grammarian State President Drinian Ordanel winned the elections as the First President of the FGK. That day also the Five Members of the Federal Senate was elected.
  • May 1, 2016-The President-Elect and the Senators-Elect sworn-in office on their respective states.
  • May 3, 2016-The Greater Kaleido Federal Senate convened for the first time with 3 senators present on the session.
  • May 17, 2016-The States of Grammaria and Luna held an Independence Referendum ending up declaring both nation's Independence, formally dissolving the FGK.


The Federation of Greater Kaleido is a Federal Republic ruled by a Semi-Presidential[1] form of Government. The Federal President was the Country's Head of State while the Prime Minister is the Leader of both the Chamber of Ministers and of the Head of the Federal Senate and also the Nominal Head of Government (But the Federal President still has the Most Immense Political Power). Presidential Elections are held every four months while the Senatorial and State Elections are held every two months depending on State Policies.


The Founding Fathers of Greater Kaleido (Left to Right), Senator, Chief Justice and Foreign Affairs Minister Luis H.M Palay and Current Greater Greater Kaleido President Drinian Ordanel.


The Greater Kaleido Federal Senate comprises of Five Members, all which is popularly elected by the people. Mid-Term Elections are held every two months. The Senators are responsible on creating laws of the state and approve Executive Orders proposed by the President.


Greater Kaleido is a Neutral[2] Country based on the Article 2 of its Federal Constitution. It says that the Country should ''Permanently Renounce War''.Greater Kaleido has no Official Military Force or an Army but instead founded a Police Force that will conduct both paramilitary activities such as Law Enforcement and will also conduct Military Activities commonly exercised by the Regular Armed Forces such as Border Protection and securing peace in the country. However, Sen. Luis Palay proposed to the Senate the Senate Bill No. 2 which allows the President to found a Defense Force, which would comprised of an Army and an Air Force.

Greater Kaleido Air Force Roundel

The Nation's Military is the Greater Kaleido Security Forces (GKSF). It comprises of both an Army and an Air Force. Its current Chief of Staff is Major General A.R Racaza.


Overseas Labor of Greater Kaleidonian Citizens to the Philippines dominates 79% of the Country's Total GDP while the remaining 21% are more on Agriculture, Food Production, Retail and Production Industries etc. The Country is bordered by both Caloocan and Mandaluyong Cities, both Subdivisions of Metro Manila. The Grammarian Republic State was bordered by the City of Mandaluyong in Four sides, which was known as the the Tiger City of the Philippines while Kaleido is Bordered by the Cities of Caloocan and Quezon, which both cities has significantly high economical status. While the newest constituent to Greater Kaleido, the State of Luna is landlocked by the Province of Cebu, one of the Philippines' richest provinces. Greater Kaleido's Total Estimated GDP was at least $700.


The Energy used by the Federation of Greater Kaleido is provided mainly by its host country the Philippines. But in some instances, Backup Generators purchased from the Philippines are used in case of Power Shortage on the PH Grid. Those Generators are used by the Grammarian Republic. In other constituent states like the Independent State of Kaleido and the Kingdom of Luna, the Local Electric Companies such as the Manila Electric Company or MERALCO and the Visayan Electric Company or VECO provides electricity.


After a series of Injustice within the Government, both the Grammarian Republic and the Federal Republic of Luna held an Independence Referendum, hence ending-up both nations declaring independence and then . But Greater Kaileido still insists that Grammaria and Luna are still a part of the FGK, not after President Drinian Ordanel resigned shortly after.

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