The Federation of Luzon Islands is a group of islands sep

The National Seal.

arated from each other founded in April 10 2011 on the birthday of the Zunian Prime Minister. It is currently made up of 8 islands (namely, Potipot Island, Camera Island, Kapones Island, Anawangin Island, Meralco Island, Cagbalete Island, Mountain Island and Bonsai Island respectivily). The MN is divided into 3 cities Camera, Kapones and Anawangin form the Anawangin City while Meralco, Cagbalete and Bonsai form the Cagbalete City and finally Potipot and Mountain form the Repostus City. Repostus in latin means Faraway. It has been visited by him though he will visit it again when he has a job. It is declared that it has close ties with Zunia.


Foundation of the Federacion - Part I - Potipot Island - 2010

It all started when Miguel visited the soon te be main island of Repostus City, Potipot Island. He had did the Three S' except surf. The first person to step on the Island was his dad Duke of Anawangin City then mom Duchess of Repostus City and finally him Grand Duke of Cagbalete City. He did anything he wanted like swim and make sandcastles. The second time with his relatives he set off again to Potipot. But declared war on jellyfish because someone had a close-call.

Part II - Camera, Kapones and Anawangin Islands -2011

There he was the second trip to tropical Islands first he went to Camera where he did the national sport Hangtosand where the waves will get you but you will still hang to the sand. Unfortunetly, His ring was lost and not found to date. Then they went to the Kapones Island where the sacred "Kapones de Español Casa de Parola" Or in English the "Spanish Kapones Lighthouse". Then finally central place Anawangin where as said above too he made sandcastles, swam and newly found a freind. Then they did part 2 with there family relatives.

Part III - Mountain, Meralco, Cagbalete and Bonsai Islands - 2012

He went to Ocean Adventure where he had fun and saw lots of animals then he saw an island that is 50 feet.(Probably Wreck of El Capitan).Then when he went to Mabuan City, Tayabas Province. There he went to a 45 minute ferry ride to Cagbalete. On his way he saw a big island with a generator. Then their tour guide said that It gives energy ONLY to Metro Manila. Then they went to a resort in the West Area close to a generator which operates 6pm - 5am. Then they found the distant man-made Bonsai Island. Then they went to the Cagbalete River. And at that very moment he declared it to be the Cagbalete Republic which is soon to be the Cagbalete City.


The government is ruled by a Sezar which is  given the opportunity to give the parties chance to join the elections. But it usually is guided by the Cagba Party. The governement declared martial law on the April of 2012

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