Federation of Olabria
OAD flag

Bonum Diem Habeas
Pax Nostra Virtute
Sydney, Australia
Official language(s) English, Esperanto, Icelandic and Japanese
Short name Olabria
Demonym Olabrian
Government Unicameral Democracy
- President Luka Melvin
- Prime Minister Travis Irwin
- Deputy Prime Minister Jamie Gray
- Last election - November 23rd, 2017
Established November 20th, 2017
Population 28 as of 14th January, 2018
Currency Olives and Australian Dollars
Time zone AEST
National dish Bunnings Snag

The Federation of Olabria is a Federation of states surrounded by Sydney, Australia. It was formed on the 20th of November, 2017 by Luka Melvin and Jamie Gray.

Government Structure

Olabria is governed by a federal system of five states. The federal government consists of three main branches; the executive, judicial and legislative branches. The executive branch consists solely of the President, who is democratically elected by a nationwide vote. The legislative branch consists of Congress, which consists of members elected by seperate electorates. The judicial branch consists of two Supreme Judges, one appointed by Congress and the other by the President, who run the Supreme Court. The states have each have their own separate government, which is decided upon by the people of that state. A state government is able to decide upon issues and create laws that only affect their own state, but these laws may be overridden by federal laws or be thrown out by the Supreme Court.

There are 5 congress members for 5 states. The list of congress members is as follows

  • Christian Sullivan
  • Milo Taylor-Westermann
  • James Wetton
  • Jamie Gray
  • Travis Irwin (Prime Minister)

The Prime Minister is the head of Congress. The Congress members vote for the Prime Minister at the same time a new President is elected, which is every 4 months. Electing members to Congress roughly occurs a week before the Presidential election. The current President is Luka Melvin. Voting is mandatory but not enforced.



Libreum is headed by Luka Melvin who is the current President of Olabria. Libreum is the most populous of all the states. Libreum's representative in Congress is James Wetton. Libreum found Olabria's first space program called At Sea Level (ASL). Since its foundation, Mantegna, Mantegna Meridianam and Saxony have joined and contributed.


Mantegna is headed by Travis Irwin who is the current Prime Minister of Olabria. Mantegna's representative in Congress is Travis Irwin.


Pipeeno is headed by Christian Sullivan. Pipeeno's representative in Congress is Christian Sullivan.


Saxony is headed by Jamie Gray. Saxony's representative in Congress is Jamie Gray.

Mantegna Meridianam

Mantegna Meridianam is headed by Milo Taylor-Westermann. Its representative in Congress is Milo Taylor-Westermann.

Space Program (Above Sea Level)

The Above Sea Level was founded by the state Libreum but eventually partnered up with Mantegna and Mantegna Meridianam to help create and fund projects. It is currently working on Project Orbis which is a weather balloon. It is planned to launch early to mid 2018.


The Federation of Olabria uses the Australian Dollar and its own Olive. The Olive is a cryptocurrency that was coded by James Wetton. The olive is pegged 1:1 with AUD.


Olabria's economy is temporarily relying on donations. Olabria plans to sell code to gain national income.