Federation of the Dead Micronations

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The Federation of the Dead Micronations is a federation of defunct micronations that plans to take over the world. It has a communist-national socialist government, and its Army of the Dead will rek the community more than the White Walkers would.

Autonomous Members

  • Republic of Rockall
  • Confederation of Amager
  • Principality of Artaghe
  • People's Republic of Bromenia
  • Empire of Domestiland
  • Cizlandeese Empire
  • Republic of Egtavia
  • Democratic People's Republic of Erusia
  • Federal Republic of Francisville
  • Democracy of Grum
  • Republic of Montania
  • Grand Duchy of Natal
  • Empire of New Europe
  • New Nevadan Republic
  • Kingdom of Salania
  • Constitutional Empire of Starhigh
  • Democratic Republic of Starland
  • Republic of Suntrain

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