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The United Memerlands are a united sovereign federation of all the troll nations ever created on Wikia, and Facebook. Its goal is to give memes equal rights to other micronations. Though it includes vandals within its sovereign borders, the Memerlands are not vandals themselves. They are not accountable for any damage done by any troll nations that may occur in the future.

Autonomous Confederation MembersEdit

  • Buttflag Ainsleyvanian Soviet State
  • Socialist Democratic Federated Republic of Carbombya
  • Flag of Prussia Principal Oligarchy of Osterpomerania
  • Flag of Polarbearistan National Socialist Republic of Polarbearistan
  • Flag of the Free Utopian Cow Kingdom Free Utopian Cow Kingdom
  • Federation of Foxton-Eltopia Republics
  • Fascist Republic of Imperiya
  • United Republic of the Pepes
  • Kingdom of Ericia
  • Crosstania
  • Haghiri
  • Commerusia Democratic People's Republic of Erusia
  • Rajputistan
  • Flag KUR Kid United Republic
  • Republic of Crappat
  • Flag of Serbia.svg Pointless Yugoslav Republics of Jodina
  • Kryemmeria Republic of Kryemmeria
  • Porr Republic
  • New Israel Flag Holy Empire of New Israel
  • Unicorntopia
  • Flag of New Unicornland Republic of New Unicornland
  • Empire of Quasar
  • Kingdom of Rosmuagro
  • Coupacia
  • Flag of Stupastan Grand Kingdom of Stupastan
  • Flag of New Canada Empire of New Canada
  • Flag of Adriatic Nations Combined Adriatic Nations of Candor, Edorn and Ruul
  • Mississipaweazyassachusetts
  • Topherian Empire
  • Trajiflag Kingdom of Trajistan
  • Star Kingdom
  • Empire of Schalamzaar
  • Kingdom of Marie Byrd Land
  • New greenland flag Kingdom of New Greenland
  • Flag of Uden Royalist Monarchy of Udenkampfenvoggenjoggenjodelenstruden
  • People's Totally Democratic Republic Monarchy Kingdom Empire United States of Unicorntopia
  • Republic of Noggin
  • Evanistan
  • Esperantolando
  • F.A.R.T.Flag Provisional Territories of the F.A.R.T.

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