Federative Empire of Eleftheria

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Federative Empire of Eleftheria

Ομοσπονδιακής Αυτοκρατορία της Ελευθερίας


Liberty or Death

Anthem Lets Go!  - Red Army Chior.

Lake Marion, South Carolina
Capital city capital city
Largest city largest city
Official language(s) Greek, English, Latin
Official religion(s) Orthodoxy
Demonym Eleftherian
Government Counstitutional Monarchy with Parliamentary Democracy
- Emperors

Pete Leventis & John Platanis

Established December 2011
Area claimed 20acres
Population 51
Currency Neos Drachma
Time zone Eleftheria Time
National sport Football (Association)
National animal Hawk

The Federative Empire of Eleftheria, commonly known as Eleftheria, is an sovereign state enclave of the United States. The nation includes land enclaved by South Carolina, and Greece.

The Form of Government is a counstitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy. The capital city is New Constantinople. Eleftheria consists of two constituent countries, the Ceaserships of Greater Aquitania and Greater Duromnivo. 


Eleftheria is an island nation with an overseas territory in Greece. The Empire claims one of the largest islands in Lake Marion, South Carolina. The island is grassy with many plants on the island. The claim is visited by the Eleftherian government from time to time.


Island Claim

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