Republic of Fernia
Fernian Flag
Coat of Arms

Long Live Fernia!
Capital city Noktek
Largest city Samero
Official language(s) Albanian, Fernian, Englsih
Official religion(s) Islam
Demonym Fernian
Government Republic
- President Malik Sarwhi
- Duce Albion Sadiku
Population 14
Currency Kulpeks
National drink Water
National animal Eagle

Fernia is a micronation located in Texas. It consists of four towns. Each town is the house of one of Fernia's four leaders (The Duce, The President, the Minister and the Prime Minsiter). There is an area conected to Noktek, the Capital Town (Which is made up of the Duce's house) called "Menomistan". Menomistan is an unpopulated area conisting of Grassland and Woddland and is the largest Sector in Fernia. It is used for military training. Despite being part of Elefthfria, Fernia is allowed to keep its own symbols, Diplomatic Relations, Autonomy and Military. It is allowed to remain a a member of the IMC.
Fernian military

Seal of the Fernian Military.

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