Festdidgea is an independent micronation which was formed in the second half of 2014. Due to the nations uncertain history and lack of historians the exact day is unknown. The group was formed from the remnant of the non-violent, anti-society cult of the Happy Turtles near northern Adelaide, SA. It is bordered by nations of Vietnem, Nijer, The Daryl Cult and the KBGS.


Festdidgea was formed in the year 2014 by a former Happy Turtles member known as Nils. The Happy Turtles had never previously occupied the land that would become Festdidgea but had been known to compete in their ancient sport of brandy around the area and offered sacrifices to their leader. Festdidgea was a dumping ground for the surrounding nations before its occupation and the area was littered with much waste and also many ancient relics. When the Happy Turtles were disbanded the former members sought shelter in the Festdidgea under their new leader: Nils. Some of the inhabitants migrated from other surrounding groups. However, soon after its formation Festdidgea was threatened by many wars and invasions the first of these to be the dreaded Hat Wars.

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