Flag of Afondale
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Names Black-Orange-Grey, Blue Dragon
Use National flag and Vexillological symbol FIAV normal.svg
Proportion 2:3
Adopted 15 December 2012
Design Three equal bands of black, orange and silver with a blue dragon in the centre.
Designed by Dan Wilcox
National Flag
Use Sea Jack and Vexillological symbol
Proportion 1:2
Adopted 15 December 2012
Design Triangular flag with two equal bands of black and orange with an orange cross.
Designed by Jon Birches

The Flag of Afondale is a national symbol of Afondale. The current flag, known as the 'Black-Orange-Grey or sometimes the Blue Dragon was designed by Afondale's creator, Dan Wilcox in July 2012 and declared as the official flag on Jubilee Day (15 December) 2012. It is described as a combination of the first two flags.

Previous Flags

2007-2010 Flag

Old Afondale Flag

The first flag consisted of a white saltire on a light orange background. It was designed by the 1st Prime Minister Jon Birches. The Orange represented happiness and the white represented peace. The flag was adopted on the day of Afondale's creation and was used until June 2010 when it was replaced by the second flag.

2010-2012 Flag

Old Afondale Flag 2

The second flag consisted of three equal bars, with the top and bottom bars being black and the centre one orange, with a white triangle on the side. The flag was designed by Elouise Dalton after Dan suggested that the Kingdom used a more original flag.

Other Flags

Main article:Symbols of the Kingdom of Afondale.

There are other flags for different uses in Afondale. The cities of Dashford and Kilbern have their own flags and so does the colony of Ahrz and Å, which has a dual flag arrangement.
Afondale Flag 2

Alternative Flag

An alternative flag which does not feature the dragon is de facto official and is sometimes used by the government for official documents. The alternative flag is also featured in the canton of the Ahrz flag because the dragon would appear pixellated.

Afondale Flag

Kingdom of Afondale

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