Flag of Fazezda
New flag of Fazezda
Use National flag and ensign FIAV 111111.svg FIAV normal.svg
Proportion 5:3
Adopted 25.06.2017
Design 19.05.2017
Designed by Vladislav Chokin
Former flag
Use National flag and ensign FIAV 111111.svg FIAV proposal.svg
Proportion 2:1
Adopted 16.05.2017
Designed by Vladislav Chokin
State Flag of Fazezda is the main symbol of this comical state. Is used together with former official flag - a green cloth with "ФАЗЕЗДА" text.


Official flag

Made in style of tricolor from blue, yellow and green colors. Blue means water of Hadzhybei Firth, yellow signs wheat fields and dusty sandy roads, and green means artificial forests near Fazezda.

Former flag

Former flag was the green rectangular piece of cloth, in center of which the logo of Fazezda is located. By width, logo occupies 2/8 of flag, and length of it depends on initial size of logo. Average aspect ratio of logo is 4:1.

Logo copies symbol of "Fazenda" TV show, but fifth letter is З instead of Н.

Aspect Ratio

The first aspect ratio of this flag was typical for region - 3:2. Vladislav hates this proportion, and in Fazezda's flag it was should to perform annoying effect. But that effect was so strong, that Chokin gave up and changed it to his favorite and default one - to 2:1.

Tricolor of Fazezda has 5:3 aspect ratio now.

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